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  1. A shower handset, also known as a hand shower, is a shower component that allows you to direct the flow of water onto your body while showering.
  2. Water-saving showerheads have various mechanisms and technologies designed to reduce the flow of water without sacrificing showering comfort.
  3. A filtering handset is equipped with filters that help remove contaminants such as chlorine and heavy metals.
  4. The thermostatic shower handset allows you to precisely control the water temperature while showering.
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As bathroom technology evolves, we are paying more and more attention not only to the functionality of the shower or bathtub, but also to the details that affect our bathing experience. One of those elements is the shower handset.

W podstawowej wersji słuchawka prysznicowa składa się z korpusu, węża, głowicy oraz gwintu

In its basic version, a shower handset consists of a body, a hose, a head and a thread

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What are the functions of a shower handset?

A shower handset, also known as a hand shower, is a shower component that allows you to direct the flow of water onto your body while bathing. It is usually connected to the shower hose and placed in a handle or mounted on an extension arm. Shower handsets can have various functions and settings, such as different water spray modes (e.g., rain, massage), pressure adjustment or even built-in filters or speakers. They are an alternative to a traditional shower with a fixed head, allowing the user to pour water more flexibly and comfortably while bathing.

Where to buy a shower handset?

Buying a shower handset from a reliable manufacturer will ensure good quality and long use of the product. In addition, reputable companies meet strict safety standards. One of them is Duravit. Other manufacturers worth noting are Armatura Kraków and OLTENS. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for Home portal under the keyword "shower handset".

Niektóre modele słuchawek mieszają wodę z powietrzem, co pozwala utrzymać odczucie pełnego strumienia przy mniejszej ilości zużywanej wody

Some models of showerheads mix water with air, which allows you to maintain the sensation of a full stream with less water used

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Types of shower handsets

Standard shower handset

In its basic version, a shower handset consists of a body, a hose, a head and a thread. They are simple in design, but also extremely functional and fulfill the basic role of providing water while bathing.

3 or 5-function shower handset

These handsets offer three or five different water jet options. Available functions may include:

  1. Rain jet: Similar to a gentle rain, a subtle stream of water that is relaxing and distributes water evenly.

  2. Massage mode: A more intense stream of water that acts like a massage, helping to relax muscles and relax the body.

  3. Mixed stream: A combination of a rain and massage jet, giving the user the option to combine both functions.

  4. Aerosol jet: A more diffused stream of water that can be useful, for example, when washing the face.

  5. Water saving mode: Some shower handsets offer a save mode, reducing the flow of water while showering.

These features allow the user to adjust the water flow to the preference. 3-function and 5-function showerheads are popular for their variety and an option to customize the stream.

Niektóre słuchawki oferują różne opcje strumienia wody

Some handsets offer different water jet options

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Filter shower handset

Filter showerheads are equipped with special filters that help purify the water while bathing. The filters can reduce the amount of chlorine present in the water. Chlorine is commonly used to disinfect water in municipal systems, but can cause skin and hair irritation. Filters can also help reduce other contaminants, such as heavy metals or organic compounds that may be present in the water. Some filters are designed to remove unpleasant odors and improve water quality, which can be beneficial for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Filter showerheads are especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin or hair, and for those who want to improve the quality of the water they use when bathing. Before buying, it is worth checking the type and capacity of the filter to suit individual water purification needs.

Water-saving shower handset

These are products designed to reduce water consumption during bathing. They have various mechanisms and technologies designed to reduce water flow without sacrificing showering comfort. These handsets can be equipped with regulators that limit the amount of water flowing out, reducing consumption without affecting the pressure of the stream. A pause function allows you to temporarily stop the flow of water, allowing you to save money when washing your body or hair. Some handset models mix water with air, allowing you to maintain the sensation of a full stream while using less water. Certain showerheads also have built-in time sensors that help the user consciously control the length of the shower, resulting in less water consumption. Water-saving showerheads can be a great choice for those who care about the environment or want to reduce their water bills.

Słuchawki filtrujące oczyszczają wodę

Filtering showerheads purify water

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Shower handset with thermostat

This is an advanced device that allows you to precisely control the temperature of the water while bathing. Its main feature is a built-in thermostat that monitors the water temperature and regulates it in real time, ensuring a constant temperature throughout the bath.

Shower handset with turbine

The shower handset with turbine is an innovative solution. The turbine uses the flow of water to increase the pressure in the shower, which can provide a more intense stream. Due to the presence of the turbine inside the handset, the water stream can be noticeably stronger and more concentrated. It is worth noting that such handsets are more technologically advanced, which affects their price.

Shower handset with Bluetooth speakers

This is an innovative combination of a shower handset with Bluetooth music playback functionality. It offers the ability to listen to your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks while showering, which can greatly enhance the relaxing nature of the shower.

Niektóre słuchawki są wyposażone w funkcje pozwalajace na oszczędność wody

Some showerheads are equipped with water-saving features

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Are shower handsets versatile?

Although most showerheads are designed to be universal, it's always a good idea to check the installation instructions or product specifications to make sure it will fit your existing bathroom installation.

As a rule, shower headsets have a standard thread that fits most shower handles. On the other hand, the length of the shower handset hose can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. If the shower handle is mounted high, a long hose may be necessary for convenience. Some shower handsets, especially those with additional features, may require adequate water pressure. The mounting of a shower handset may vary from model to model. Some may require a specific type of handle or shower arm.


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