Four beneficial properties of bathing!

08 of December '21

Hot bath or cold shower?

During autumn and winter, when it gets dark quickly and the weather outside the window is often gray stress, fatigue and malaise affect us particularly badly. There are many ways to improve our mood. One of them is a relaxing bath. Time spent in the shower or bath is a moment of disconnection from the hustle and bustle of the world around us, when the pains of everyday life go away.

First of all - a bath improves your mood

Bathing can reduce feelings of depression and pessimism, because the feeling of closeness that comes from soaking in a warm cart "gives us associations with being in the womb." In general, bathing induces a feeling of comfort, and this allows the mind and the whole body to relax. It is also a great idea to take a bath with herbs, essential oils or salts, which we can choose according to our needs and preferences.


Second - a cold shower toughens up

A cold shower or alternating showers with cool and hot water will bring excellent results and increase immunity to the body. Hardening the body has a beneficial effect on circulation, the nervous system, metabolism and, of course, immunity. Showering also contributes to improving thermoregulation of the entire body. It will make our body function better and protect itself more effectively from overheating or catching a cold. A crisp morning shower is an excellent way to stimulate the body into action. A cold shower has also been proven to help speed up metabolism, which translates into cleansing the body of toxins, and can even support our weight loss efforts. Remember to wait at least a moment after such a shower before leaving the house.

Gorąca kąpiel czy zimny prysznic?


Third - a bath will let you fall asleep

The benefits of quality sleep are well known, but getting an effective eight hours, for many, remains elusive. One theory is that a lower body temperature helps induce sleep, so some researchers recommend going to bed in a cold room. But a warm bath before bed can produce similar results. At night, our body temperature naturally drops, which signals the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. A warm bath will raise your body temperature, and leaving the bathroom will cool it down quickly, thus stimulating melatonin production and better preparing you for sleep.

Gorąca kąpiel czy zimny prysznic?


Fourth - a bath relieves cold symptoms.

The steam generated during a hot bath can work wonders on a blocked nose and an unpleasant cough. An obstructed nose is caused by inflammation, and the steam causes blood vessels in the sinuses and nose to move, thus loosening the blockage from mucus. A warm bath can also help your immune system better fight off viruses.

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