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Pergolas for garden, terraces, public spaces

29 of December '20

Sunshade systems

The changing weather aura, is conducive to the creation of more and more new solutions, performing the function of both sun and rain protection to a degree that allows comfortable leisure time in spaces in direct contact with nature.

The current rush of life, the number of things on our minds and unlimited access to technology, which makes it easier for us to undertake the hardship of everyday duties, also causes more and more often the desire to rest, relax, calm down or slowdown....

Pergole do ogrodu, na tarasy, do przestrzeni publicznej © SELT
Pergole do ogrodu, na tarasy, do przestrzeni publicznej © SELT

Pergolas for the garden, terraces, public spaces


The space that can offer us this is, for example, a garden, a terrace or a meadow developed in a public space. Such a space, can be additionally equipped with sun protection systems, which are pergolas. The versatility of their application to various types of substrates and multivariate installation makes these products applicable in every home and public premises such as restaurants, hotels, flower meadows, outdoor swimming pools or squares.

To meet the expectations of its customers, SELT has pergola solutions in versions: Pergola Solid, Pergola Sunbreaker 400 and 400H, and Pergola Sunbreaker 500. The listed solutions differ in the design of the roof modules and dimensions, allowing the selected sun shading system to match the area available to the interested customer. Pergolas can shade outdoor spaces of 3sqm to 35sqm in the single-module option or many times larger, when choosing multi-module solutions.

An additional preference for the user is the choice of the type of canopy. It can be PVC fabric or extruded aluminum profiles. Each option is equipped with electric control and has the possibility of being supplemented with weather automation and energy-saving LED lighting. The pergola systems are also equipped with gutter channels integrated into the structure, which can drain moderate amounts of rainwater. An advantage of pergolas is that they can be retrofitted with additional side shades (electric ZiiiP Reflectors or manual Slide panels), which will make the pergola an even more intimate place for relaxation.

In order to select the most effective variant of the pergola, in cooperation with architects, we participate in the creation of design documentation, while proposing the most appropriate method of installation. On our website dedicated to architects, we have provided a CAD library of SELT products to facilitate design work and at the stage of implementation of the project into reality.

Dr. Eng. Agata Brandt
Head of Project Implementation Department

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