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Shields from Selt - flexible adaptation to challenges guided by current trends

02 of December '23

The construction industry is going through a period of dynamic change, resulting in fluctuations in raw material prices. SELT flexibly adapts to the challenges of the market, while following current trends.

In addition to the standard assortment, we are constantly expanding our offer - a modified product launch is, for example, the SB400PRO pergola. This model differs from the classic variant of the SB400 per gola by its compact rim structure and hidden drive transmission mechanism. The standard clear height of the pergola is 2.8 m, the maximum width is 4.0 m, and the maximum overhang is 7.0 m. This pergola complements the equipment of small garden architecture, finding use in gardens, allotments or flower meadows in the area of urban development. Very often it is used in catering establishments, directly enlarging the restaurant space or as a separate structure, acting as a cafe garden.

Pergola SB400PRO i Refleksol ZiiiP 120

Pergola SB400PRO and Refleksol ZiiiP 120


Complementing the pergola development with ZIIIP 120 fabric Refleksol, we get an intimate space, while enhancing sun protection. Thanks to the use of a lock, integrated into the guide profile, these systems can be safely used even at wind speeds of up to 90 km/h. The high wind resistance class allows them to be used in various climatic conditions. The lack of clearances between the guides and the edge of the fabric also allows the roller blind to act as a mosquito net, which is also facilitated by the possibility of choosing a fabric with a varying degree of translucency.

Pergola SBB400 i Refleksol ZiiiP 120

Pergola SBB400 and Refleksol ZiiiP 120


ZiiiP reflect ors are a versatile product, also very suitable for public buildings. They perfectly reduce the intensity of sunlight and aesthetically blend in with modern facades.

Other groups of Refleksol, such as Refleksol 120 or Refleksol XL, are often adapted to large buildings. The raw material composition of the fabrics and met criteria for hygienic approvals successfully allow them to be used in medical or laboratory facilities.

Pergola SB400 i Refleksol ZiiiP 120

Pergola SB400 and Refleksol ZiiiP 120


The functionality of any type of pergola or Refleksol can be increased by using full weather automation and choosing a control that reflects the needs and preferences of the users.

By choosing the right sunshade already at the design stage, we significantly influence the ecological and economic advantages of buildings, joining the current trend of sustainable construction.

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