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Phenomenal collections of Tubądzin Group

07 of December '22

Wallpaper patterns are returning to living rooms in a big way and... in a whole new guise. They have become a graceful inspiration for ceramic tiles Tubądzin Management Group. In addition to typical floral motifs, the latest collections include innovative solutions that make the wallpaper pattern look like a work of art.

Wallpaper is the hottest trend of the season. Tubądzin Group has transferred the stunning patterns to... ceramics. This is an innovative solution that provides a wide range of design possibilities. Rich ornamentation inflicts chic, while perfectly balanced colors and gradient elements introduce a touch of delicacy and refined artistry.

Kolekcja Tori Take

Tori Take collection


Phenomenal face of wallpaper

Tubądzin Group has many sensual designs in its collections, which delight with sublime beauty and timelessness. Among them are also tiles that allow the arrangement of wallpaper patterns. Arranged in this way, the wall will give a unique character to the entire room, and thanks to the excellent functional properties of ceramics, it will retain its luster and color intensity for many years.
Thanks to advanced production processes, collections inspired by wallpaper patterns stand out for their unconventional design and phenomenal visual effects. The light, ephemeral bamboo branches in the Tori Take collection allude to Far Eastern shadow theater. Broken white has become a graceful canvas for chiaroscuro play, reflecting the natural phenomenon in its full glory. Tori Take pampers the senses with the artistry of traditional Asian aesthetics.
Extraordinary artistry also lies in the Blue Stone collection with its soothing blue-gold color scheme. The motif of blue leaves with slightly fuzzy contours is reminiscent of a painting made using the watercolor technique. Expressive, but appropriately toned pattern delights with finesse and plasticity.

Kolekcja Moor

Moor Collection


Patterned, but with flair

Wallpapers are unquestionably associated with floral motifs. These are also present in the latest collections of Tubądzin Group. Beautiful, impressive leaves appeared on Moor tiles. The structure of grated concrete, on which colorful plants gracefully swirl, will add sophistication and style to the interior.

Kolekcja Heron

Heron collection


The tiles of the Heron collection are also intriguing. This time the designers focused on an animal motif. Noble birds, majestically spreading their wings, against the backdrop of the brightening sky, is an extremely painterly proposal. Heron will allow you to create an extremely artful arrangement referring to the beauty of nature.

Discover more of Tubądzin Group's phenomenal collections. Visit and see the history of designing unique design.

For more information, visit the company's Tubądzin Management Group page on PdA.

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