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POLFLAM fire-resistant bent glass - original solutions from a Polish factory

07 of December '21


The last few years have redefined the term "fire barrier." Thanks to the development of technology, limitations have disappeared. Modern products, in addition to fulfilling the fire protection function, are simply striking.

Przeszklenie Polflam BR z modułami ogniochronnego szkła giętego

Polflam BR glazing with modules of fireproof bent glass


Original solutions from a Polish factory

The company POLFLAM Sp. z o.o. regularly launches more novelties and improves already known products. Polflam's R&D department makes sure that the offer meets the current needs of the market - a good example is the increase in the maximum height of a single sheet of POLFLAM BR EI 120 glass (intended for creating fireproof structural glazing) to 4800 mm.

Przezroczysty szklany strop ogniochronny w budynku szpitala

Transparent fire glass ceiling in a hospital building


POLFLAM's fire-resistant bent glass

Already at the time of its appearance on the market it aroused great interest. Curved elements became a natural complement to the offer of fireproof glass. Currently, bent glass is available in virtually all classes of fire resistance - from EI 15 to EI 180, also in large formats.
The advantages of bent glass are most evident precisely in interior applications, mainly in office and commercial buildings. Glass partitions of varying shapes allow for better illumination of large areas, while promoting optimal use of space and improved communication.

Półprzezierne przeszklenie doświetlające pomieszczenie na niższej kondygnacji budynku muzealnego

Translucent glazing to illuminate a room on the lower floor of a museum building


Fireproof flooring

Translucent or semi-transparent modules installed in ceilings give the opportunity to illuminate rooms located on lower floors. Polflam specialists have excelled in dealing with the special requirements that fireproof floor glass must meet. In addition to the obvious function of a barrier to stop the spread of fire, such elements must carry the loads associated with the operation of the ceiling - including in the event of a fire.
POLFLAM fire-resistant floor glass is available in resistance classes REI 15-120. The maximum dimensions of the glass panel are 2200 x 1650 mm. Multiple variants of anti-slip printing give the opportunity to emphasize the interior design, and facilitate privacy.

Szklana przegroda ogniochronna oddzielająca klatkę schodową w budynku wyższej uczelni

Fire-rated glass partition separating a staircase in a university building


The development of further product proposals for the Polish and foreign markets will certainly be helped by the expansion of the factory. A new production, warehouse and office center with research facilities, in Tarczyn, near Warsaw, will soon be put into operation. Polflam's specialists have certainly not yet said their last word.

For more information, visit the company's POLFLAM Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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