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Protecting buildings from noise and vibration with Getzner technology. Tranquility in the heart of the city

16 of December '20

Innovative noise and vibration protection for the construction industry

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for investment sites that are attractive in terms of location. As a rule, these are sites located close to urban traffic arteries. Buildings are therefore often erected in acoustically unfavorable conditions. Passing nearby railroads, tramways or subways, generate almost constant vibrations affecting working and living discomfort. The company GETZNER / Asona Sp. k. – Partner w Polsce is able to prevent these negative phenomena already in the design phase of new buildingsor improve the situation in existing buildingsby poring the acoustics in their interiors and reducing the vibration of the object.

Improving acoustics and leveling out vibrations - Getzner solutions

  • Full-surface encapsulation of buildings with Sylomer® and Sylodyn® elastomers
  • Strip or point insulation of separate parts of buildings
  • Protection against vibrations by using cavity walls.

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Insulation of stair treads and landings


Insulation of gears and stair landings

The movement of people in buildings generates noise that can transfer to the building structure in the form of structure-borne sound. One such problem area is stair runs and landings. By isolating them flexibly, the spread of these sounds can be effectively prevented.

Sylomer® and Sylodyn® plastic pads

  • improve insulation up to 31 dB, with minimal installation thickness
  • can be used for both locally made and prefabricated runs
  • have a predefined load capacity and deflection
  • are permanently flexible, adapting to the substrate and thus leveling construction tolerances.

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Insulating helicopter landing pads


Insulation of helicopter landing pads

The development of medical air transport has led to the requirement for helicopter landing pads, very often placed on the roofs of buildings. The vibrations generated by helicopters are not only a nuisance to staff and patients, but can cause damage to sensitive medical equipment. Properly selected insulation can effectively prevent this. Getzner offers individually selected vibration isolation in the form of elastomeric pads or elastomeric-steel vibration isolators, which are selected according to the type of landing field construction:

  • are suitable for isolating landing pads of steel or monolithic construction
  • do not require servicing
  • are resistant to temperature differences
  • are economical and simple to install.

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Innovative noise protection for the construction industry


Improving acoustics in wood construction

Buildings made of wood technology are returning to favor. They are no longer heavy and expensive structures made of logs, but lightweight ones - using frame or module technology. Unfortunately, wood in these structures, in addition to its undoubted advantages, has disadvantages consisting in the lateral transmission of material and airborne sounds. To avoid them, Getzner and its partners have developed systems to prevent these disadvantages. These include:

  • elastomeric strips made of Sylodyn insulating individual structural components selected according to the load
  • appropriately selected connecting elements in the form of special angles.

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Sound insulation of floors


Acoustic insulation of floors

Modern construction is moving away from traditional, heavy and expensive materials to lighter and more economical ones. Sometimes such solutions bring unprecedented problems, e.g. lighter and thinner floor slabs are economical, but cause increased transmission of impact sounds. Traditional insulation materials like wool or polystyrene often have too little stiffness or only perform well at higher thicknesses. The solution is thin yet effective underfloor mats. Getzner has a range of Acoustic Floor Mats (SFM) and a system for raised floors called Acoustic Floor Blocks. Product advantages:

  • in the case of AFM, thicknesses from 6 to 16 mm, so low installation height and ΔLn.w of up to 33 dB (laboratory values)
  • easy installation, even under dry screed
  • for AFB - thickness up to 50 mm - ΔLn.w reaching up to 31 dB, effective especially in fitness rooms, theaters cinema halls, box in box structures.

Improving the insulation of existing walls and ceilings

When remodeling or modernizing rooms in existing buildings, it is common for partitions to be used that, during subsequent operation, exhibit inadequate sound insulation. Getzner offers ZIPS systems, developed in conjunction with partners, consisting of prefabricated panels that are mounted directly to walls without the need for additional support profiles. Its advantages are:

  • low installation depth - as low as 53 mm
  • effective improvement of insulation - ΔRDd,w up to 13 dB
  • easy and quick installation.

In the case of traditional installation with a profile grid, acoustically insulated hangers fasteners are on offer.

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Innovative noise protection in the construction industry


Insulation from vibration transmission of equipment and installations in buildings, vibration isolation of machinery

The increasing comfort of living and working owes much to the technical equipment of the buildings in which we reside. Heat pumps, air conditioning units, elevators, escalators, etc. They make our lives easier, but they bring with them noise and vibration. Getzner has developed a number of solutions to prevent these adverse phenomena. These include:

  • bearing the foundations of machinery and equipment with Sylomer®, Sylodyn®, Sylodam® anti-vibration mats.
  • isolating equipment and installations with Isotop® spring vibration isolators.

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Interior acoustics


Interior acoustics

According to current guidelines for reverberation time and speech intelligibility in rooms, the use of sound-absorbing materials is very often required. This is of great importance in school corridors, classrooms, auditoriums, open-space work spaces - in a word, wherever mental work is performed and concentration is needed or where reverberant noise causes headaches. Effective and architecturally attractive solutions are acoustic plasters in two available forms:

Sound-absorbing, cellulose plaster, "lambskin" type

  • Sonaspray K-14, flammability class A - NEW
  • Sonaspray K-13, flammability class B

Sound-absorbing plaster smoothed on wool (imitation wall)

  • Sonacoustic in PA, CL, ML, PL versions
  • Colorcoustic - dyed in any color (NEW).

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