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Roof waterproofing and thermal insulation. 160 years of Bauder innovation and experience

16 of December '20

Green roofs and roof insulation in contemporary architecture

Creativity above all! - this slogan is already guided by the fourth generation of Bauders. The company BAUDER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. thanks to its long-term policy, is oriented towards the comprehensive development of technologies and products in the field of materials for waterproofing, thermal insulation, as well as insulating green roofs. Bauder system solutions offered to architects will work well in modern, innovative projects, as well as in the renovation and modernization of existing buildings.

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zabezpieczony pod warstą organiczną papą bitumiczną Bauder ©BAUDER

Green roof protected under the organic layer with Bauder bitumen membrane


Green roofs - Bauder bitumen membrane

As a specialized company producing materials for flat roof insulation, Bauder was a forerunner in green roof buildings, developing and marketing the first bitumen membrane resistant to root overgrowth. Today's return to ecological solutions, attention to reducing operational energy losses in construction, have made the green roof an almost indispensable part of modern architecture.

Advantages of using BAUDER bitumen membrane

  • reduction of the heatingtemperature of the roofing elements (on a green roof the maximum temperature difference does not exceed 30 ° C)
  • protection of sensitive elements (responsible for the tightness of the covering) against low temperatures - frost and UV radiation
  • reduction of heat loss resulting from conduction phenomena by approx. 5%, and as a result of ventilation by 5 to 50%
  • prevention of mechanical damage, as well as increased protection and fire resistance of the roof covering
  • suppression of externalnoise by 40-50 dB
  • improving the microclimate by lowering the air temperature directly above the green roof by 3-5°C while regulating the relative humidity of the air
  • reduction by approx. 50% of the amount of rainwater discharged through the rainwater drainage system in the case of thin layer extensive greening systems, and with a layer thickness of, for example, 75 cm, a reduction of up to 90%
  • improving the aesthetics of the building through additional green leisure areas connected directly to the apartment
  • increase the service life of roofingelements by up to 2-3 times due to the shielding effect against atmospheric, external factors. Gardens on roofs are established on ceilings, which can carry additional loads of 100-450 kg/m², depending on the method of greening a particular roof.
  • Greening: systems of intensive greening of roof s provide almost unlimited possibilities for greenery and, when properly executed, roofs can be used as gardens.

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pianki poliuretanowej BauderPIR – materiał termoizolacyjny © BAUDER

BauderPIR rigid polyurethane foam panels - thermal insulation material


Thermal insulation - BauderPIR polyurethane foam boards

Bauder is one of the largest manufacturers of panels of rigid polyurethane foam, an insulator with extraordinary quality parameters. At a time of ever-increasing requirements for thermal insulation due to environmental concerns and the validity of energy-saving guidelines, the product sold under the BauderPIR brand has become an indispensable material.

Advantages of using BauderPIR thermal insulation panels

  • High thermal insulationperformance
  • Stability and compressivestrength of BauderPIR
  • Thermal resistance
  • Chemical and biological resistance
  • Fire resistance of PIR foam on lightweight steel structures

In order to provide optimal solutions for different types of flat roofs, it is necessary to use different boards. For industrial roofs, a possibly lightweight large-format board is very suitable, while for roofs with smaller areas to be covered with weldable membranes, boards in other formats are necessary.

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BauderTHERMOPLAN – materiał hydroizolacyjny © BAUDER

BauderTHERMOPLAN roof membrane - waterproofing material


Waterproofing - roof foils BauderTHERMOPLAN

BauderTHERMOPLAN is a modern waterproofing system of the absolute highest class. It sets the standard for safety, ease of installation and longevity. BauderTHERMOPLAN roofing membranes based on flexible polyolefins (FPO) are produced at Bauder's state-of-the-art production facility in Schwepnitz. The FPO-PP material base has proven itself to be excellent over many years of practice. The system is particularly suitable for use on light industrial roofs.

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BauderTHERMOPLAN roof foils


Advantages of using BauderTHERMOPLAN roof foils

  • Completeness in the system
    BauderTHERMOPLAN waterproofing membranes are available in different thicknesses and widths to meet different requirements. The color of the top surface is pearl white or silver gray, while the bottom surface is black. A wide selection of accessories facilitates installation and enables tailored, complete solutions.
  • Wide range of applications
    BauderTHERMOPLAN is suitable for all load-bearing structures of lightweight roofs, for use on new structures, for renovation of old structures and for greening roofs. The membranes are bitumen-compatible and resistant to root overgrowth in accordance with FLL guidelines. With this wide range of material compatibility, the use of an additional separation layer can be dispensed with in most cases.
  • Long-lasting protection
    BauderTHERMOPLAN is resistant to UV radiation, weathering, and is also resistant to aging. High-performance FPO membranes protect the roof for many years, both as a loose laid and mechanically fixed waterproofing, as well as a waterproofing laid under ballast in the form of gravel, patio slabs or under a green roof layer system.
  • Secure and quick connection of overlaps
    The roof membranes are laid loose and welded overlaps with hot air. The wide welding temperature range of 380-480°C allows for reliable seams on the laps of the BauderTHERMOPLAN membrane. All laps can be securely joined without labor-intensive preparation. Protection from wind suction forces is achieved by mechanical fastening or with ballast.
  • Environmentally friendly
    BauderTHERMOPLAN roofing membranes are free of halogens, plasticizers and heavy metals. BauderTHERMOPLAN does not contain volatile plasticizers, so it does not emit harmful substances and seals without giving off smoke or odor. At the end of its useful life, the films can be recycled or thermally disposed of.

For more information, visit the company's BAUDER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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