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L-type retaining walls by REKERS - a lasting support for any investment project

06 of September '22

L-type retaining walls by REKERS - a durable support for any investment.

The requirements for retaining walls these days go beyond the basic function of supporting or fencing off. Retaining walls can be an excellent solution for shaping the area around a building.

Ściany oporowe typu
L firmy REKERS zastosowane na osiedlu wielorodzinnym

L-type retaining walls by REKERS used in a multifamily housing development


L-type retaining walls by REKERS - a strong support for any investment.

REKERS retaining walls are manufactured for standard load classes: 5 kN/m², 16.7 kN/m² and 33.3 kN/m². Standard concrete class: C35/45. These elements have an exterior or interior facing, depending on the selected load class. Manufactured retaining walls are strong, innovative and of high quality. Prefabricated "concrete elks" also represent value for money, high availability, functionality and quick installation .

Zakład produkcyjny
firmy REKERS

REKERS manufacturing plant


Prefabricated L-type retaining walls - applications

Prefabricated retaining walls ensure durability and safety of use of objects and spaces based on them. High load-bearing capacity, solid concrete construction and convenience of transport, storage and installation translate into a wide field of applications for L-type retaining walls. In linear and volume construction, they are a reliable way to level land slopes, support slopes and embankments, compensate for differences in the height of the land, the base of walls. REKERS retaining wall structures save time and labor on construction sites, while reducing invasive work that permanently alters the natural landscape.
It is common to use L-type retaining walls to support road and bridge structures. Not only as fencing and support elements for loose terrain, but also as road ramps, parking space structures, plazas, transit tracks, and protection for bridges or tunnels. In industry or agriculture, REKERS retaining walls will also prove useful as storage spaces for loose substances, fencing off special spaces, supporting structures built on unstable ground - in mountains, valleys, slopes.

Ściany oporowe jako
element małej architektury ogrodowej

Retaining walls as an element of small garden architecture


Safe, functional, economical - standards and declarations of use

REKERS retaining walls comply with the European performance standard EN 15258 "Precast concrete products. Retaining wall elements", which corresponds to the Polish equivalent of PN-EN 15258. The mass-produced L-type retaining walls in the standard variant are created from concrete with a compressive strength class of C35/45. This concrete corresponds to the requirements of the environmental exposure classes XC4, XD2, XA1, XF4 . It is a material characterized by high corrosion resistance, resistance to fairly strong ground water, resistant to de-icing and minor chemical aggression. Depending on the individual needs of the customer and the specifics of the investment, REKERS prepares L-type retaining walls also in other classes of load, exposure, strength.

For more information, visit the company's Rekers Polska Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa page on the PdA portal.

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