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GreenCoat® organic steel roofing. The patent for ecology!

20 of September '20

Roofs with GreenCoat Pural BT technology. Eco-friendly and durable protection in Scandinavian style

In response to the challenges of modern construction, ecology, sustainable building, as well as the expectations of investors looking for modern roofs, the SSAB Poland Sp. z o.o. brand has introduced GreenCoat Pural BT roofing technology. Roofs using this technology are made from sustainable materials - organic coated steel and a coating of Swedish rapeseed oil. This combination guarantees long-lasting durability, as well as the ability to withstand conditions in any climate.



GreenCoat Pural BT technology ensures the coating's resistance to UV radiation and corrosion. It is not only robust, but also environmentally friendly. Sourced from malleable materials, it can be formed in many ways - it is used to create roof tiles, standing seams, profiles and more. The assortment of steel manufacturer SSAB is appreciated even by the most demanding investors and roofers and builders.

Dach SSAB z pokryciem w technologii GreenCoat Pural BT © Ruukki Construction

© Ruukki Construction

GreenCoat® roofing sheets made of eco-friendly materials

Instead of petroleum-based substances, there is Swedish rapeseed oil. The SSAB brand developed this patent and has been successfully implementing it in its projects for years. This type of coating fits in with the tenets of sustainable construction. The industry is eager for green solutions, in which elements with organic GreenCoat® steel play an important role.

{Image@url=,alt=Dach SSAB's GreenCoat Pural BT technology,title= SSAB's GreenCoat Pural BT roof}

© Ruukki Construction

Durable steel roofs with a 50-year warranty!

Every home should be covered with a durable steel roof, for which the manufacturer provides a 50-year warranty. SSAB's eco-friendly sheathing is inspired by Scandinavian quality and durability. Such good technical parameters are guaranteed by the 50 μm-thick coating, which is resistant to mechanical stress. Thanks to low thermal expansion, the problem of deformation or buckling disappears.

Aroof coated with organic GreenCoat® steel retains its color and form for years. It is subject to forming by bending processes at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. It is easy to maintain, and economical to purchase and maintain. Confirmation of its quality is that it meets PN-EN 10169 + A1.

For more information, visit the company's SSAB Poland Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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