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GreenCoat® organic-coated steels

26 of January '20

GreenCoat® is a brand of innovative, sustainable organic-coated steel solutions for roofs, facades and gutter systems. Commonly used in sustainable architecture, GreenCoat® products offer a wide range of colors and coatings containing Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat® organic-coated steels are produced by SSAB in Sweden and Finland.

GreenCoat® organic-coated steels are at the forefront of sustainable construction trends worldwide. With many advantages over traditional materials such as zinc and aluminum, buildings can now be constructed with the least possible environmental impact.

Steel is one of the few materials that offer 100% closed-loop recycling. This means it can be effectively reused without losing any properties or performance - and without generating hazardous waste. Steel can be easily reused for the same or other applications, and its production emits less CO2 than, for example, aluminum production.

Most GreenCoat® products contain a biotechnology-based (BT) coating that replaces much of the traditional petroleum-based ingredients with Swedish rapeseed oil. Unlike standard coatings, the biotechnology-based solvent becomes a permanent component of the finished coating, thus contributing to a healthier environment and reducing harmful emissions. BT's unique coating is protected by a worldwide patent and offers not only environmental benefits, but also improved performance. The GreenCoat® portfolio of organic-coated products represents the most environmentally friendly offering on the market today for roofs, facades and gutter systems.

Roofs must cope with whatever Mother Nature hums. Therefore, the material one chooses for a roof must meet the most stringent requirements , look great every day and save costs.

All GreenCoat® products are tested for UV and corrosion resistance under actual natural conditions. All products are covered by a technical performance and finish warranty. This includes protection against rust or white rust, as well as against fading and other finish defects. GreenCoat® warranties are based on more than 40 years of testing at accredited third-party testing stations.

Every architect, manufacturer or contractor is aware that it can be difficult to find a durable organic-coated material with excellent environmental properties, high color repeatability and easy formability. And that's where GreenCoat® comes in. GreenCoat® products for roofs and facades are available in hundreds of colors and finish options; they can be easily cut and bent, and are extremely durable.

Find the best GreenCoat® product for your project!

In recent years, a number of buildings constructed using GreenCoat® organic-coated steel have won numerous national and international architectural awards. Our website features inspiring examples showing the experiences of architects who have used GreenCoat® in the buildings they have designed - they describe, among other things, why they chose a particular GreenCoat® color and the significance of the award.

GreenCoat® organic-coated steels are available in a wide range of colors and finish options. Our 28 top colors selected based on feedback from architects and contractors are presented in BIMobject. With GreenCoat® product data and colors, design and specification becomes easier and more efficient.

To ensure proper appearance and color repeatability, we recommend ordering GreenCoat® samples. Check out the 28 top GreenCoat® colors on our website:®

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