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COR-TEN® steel - a classic choice for architecture and art

26 of January '20

COR-TEN® is the world's best-known brand of weathering steel for buildings and structures. It has been a favorite facade material of architects and designers for decades. Its combination of high strength, aesthetic appearance, low maintenance needs and high flexibility makes it an ideal choice for projects of all shapes and sizes.

COR-TEN® is a high-strength, low-alloy, weldable structural steel with exceptional weather resistance. The chemical composition of the steel allows the formation of a patina layer that covers the building without changing the mechanical properties of the steel. The patina layer not only protects the steel, but also provides a unique finish that draws widespread attention. In addition, the steel is also more environmentally friendly than traditional steels.

A unique solution for every architectural project and artwork

Many architects choose to work with COR-TEN® because of the unique characteristics of this steel. Unlike standard steels, COR-TEN® has a matte surface that reduces typical metal reflections. The distinctive brown color, which changes over time as the surface ages, is created by the weather and climatic conditions of the site. The oxidation process makes each project unique.

Initially, steel begins to rust in the same way as ordinary mild steel subjected to alternating wet and dry conditions. Nevertheless, over time, the rust layer turns into a patina layer, and the color changes from a fresh orange-brown to a light or dark brown.

The rate of change and the final color of the steel depend on atmospheric conditions and the degree of air pollution - environments with high concentrations of sulfur accelerate the oxidation process and result in a darker patina. Faster oxidation is also affected by regular cycles of wet and dry outdoor conditions.

If, on the other hand, conditions are consistently wet or dry, an even patina layer will not form - for this reason COR-TEN® steel should not be used indoors. The entire oxidation process generally takes from 2 to 6 years. Regardless of the oxidation stage of COR-TEN® steel, the patina effect gives any building a unique look that cannot be replicated in any way. This steel works equally well for office buildings, commercial buildings or single-family homes.

As a rule, COR-TEN® steel is not covered with paint. If it is protected with paint, it remains intact much longer than ordinary steel. If the surface is scratched, the steel's ability to self-repair minimizes the spread of corrosion under the paint.

Few things can compete with COR-TEN® steel if an architect or artist wants to create a work that is meant to make an impact on its surroundings. The color of rust in a city full of glass and concrete or in the midst of a field of greenery creates contrast and beauty that lasts for decades, requiring minimal maintenance and attracting widespread attention.

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