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How to fashionably and comfortably furnish the washbasin area? Inspiring suggestions from FERRO

01 of November '20

Sink area
From the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020".

What is fashionable? Although the universal white is still doing well, expressive colors, among which black is not missing, are increasingly appearing in the arrangements. Attention is also attracted by striking 3D decors. References to nature are still in vogue.

Colorful washbasins

The sink does not have to be white. Those looking for original design solutions should take a look at proposals in shades of brown, gray, as well as black and gold. An interesting color often becomes the base around which the composition is built, or a way to break the cool minimalism that is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

umywalkowa stojąca nablatowa Espacio. Wieszak na ręcznik podwójny Grace © FERRO

Espacio countertop washbasin faucet and Grace double towel rail


Stone and composite washbasins

Traditional ceramics are also being replaced by other materials. Fashionable are stone or composite washbasins - resistant to damage, and at the same time lighter and thinner.
In the first styling, two oval, countertop washbasins in the color of the earth catch the eye. Their color harmonizes with the floor covered with tiles imitating wood. Such a combination brings a lot of visual warmth, energy, freshness to the composition. The washbasins were matched with elegant countertop faucets. These are Espacio models with a classic form, soft edge lines and nicely shaped handles. They are equipped with a ceramic regulator. They are covered with a chrome coating, harmonizing with other chrome accessories, such as the towel rack from the Grace line.

Algeo Black bateria
umywalkowa stojąca © FERRO

Algeo Black upright washbasin mixer


Combination of matte and chrome

We have the opportunity to play with color not only in the case of the washbasin. Equally interesting are mixers in other colors than we are used to. In the second example area of the washbasin, the Algeo Black standing faucet was used, which is a beautiful combination of black matte and shiny chrome. Placed against a background of white brick tiles, accompanied by a large white washbasin, it attracts attention, making the composition gain character, going beyond the usual "white scheme". This is also influenced by black finishes on the shelves, windowsill, mirror.

Bateria umywalkowa
stojąca z obrotową wylewką Fiesta © FERRO

Fiesta upright washbasin mixer with swivel spout


New trends in bathroom design

Tiles in dark graphite and striped texture, additionally arranged in hexagons - it is difficult to find a better proposal for lovers of new trends. Juxtaposed with a light floor and appropriately selected white fixtures, the arrangement is not gloomy. A large rectangular washbasin was placed on a metal black frame. It is accompanied by a standing Fiesta faucet with a swivel spout and a characteristic thin handle. The faucet is covered with a chrome coating. The bathroom accessories also shine in chrome.

Adore bateria wannowa
wielootworowa © FERRO

Adore White/Chrome - basin mixer for concealed installation


Decors in the bathroom

The era of expressive decors with convex motifs has arrived. A strip with three-dimensional fern leaves in an arrangement in soft grays is juxtaposed with large-format marble-inspired tiles. Against such a backdrop is the Adore White/Chrome concealed faucet, a space-saving fixture equipped with a ceramic regulator and aerator, combining chrome and white and perfectly matching the sink in the form of a deep bowl.


When arranging a fashionable washbasin area, it is worth remembering that it should not only be in line with the latest trends, but also comfortable to use, matching the style of the entire arrangement and our taste. After all, we are talking about a place we use a lot of times during the day!

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