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A set of intelligent joinery from Krispol

25 of November '22

A set of intelligent joinery by KRISPOL

Safe and intuitive solutions, comfortable space full of natural light, tailored to the needs of homeowners - the modern investor requires the architect to combine different solutions. The KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. brand has designed a set of intelligent joinery that meets the requirements of the most rigorous projects and allows building a home command center from a smartphone app.

Komplet spójnej kolorystycznie stolarki wciąż dominuje w architektonicznych trendach

A set of color-consistent joinery continues to dominate architectural trends



Large glazing and panoramic terrace windows have become a symbol of modern construction. It is a solution that sensationally illuminates the space and perfectly connects the interior with the exterior of the house. The combination of modern technology, design and proven solutions allows the creation of large-size glazing, which is no longer unattainable for customers, including in terms of price. Today, while maintaining color consistency, the brand KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. makes it possible to combine PVC and aluminum solutions. In this way, costs can be minimized without having to compromise on design.

Duże przeszklenia i panoramiczne okna tarasowe stały się symbolem nowoczesnego budownictwa

Large glazing and panoramic terrace windows have become a symbol of modern construction



Large-scale glazing is the domain of modern construction. Lightweight and durable aluminum makes it possible to create impressive glass facades. Thus, glazing can take over the entire house, making the terrace and garden a natural extension of the living room. Such design is part of the trend of combining zones and creating open spaces overlooking the home's surroundings. The ideal complement to large-format aluminum windows are facade blinds, which allow you to control the amount of light entering the house.

Automatyczne otwieranie i zamykanie żaluzji fasadowych zgodnie z cyklem słońca to jeden ze scenariuszy, który można ustawić w aplikacji myKRISPOL

Automatic opening and closing of facade blinds according to the sun cycle is one of the scenarios that can be set in the myKRISPOL application



Whether an investor chooses PVC windows, aluminum windows or a combination of both, he can count on a consistent color scheme for all joinery elements. KRISPOL products are available in many designs, as well as a wide range of colors. This includes more than 200 RAL variants and nearly thirty veneer patterns. The integrity of colors, shapes, textures guarantees the harmony of the arrangement and is an extremely desirable solution in modern projects.


The decision on a smart home can be made at any time - at the stage of the architectural design, open shell or during the modernization of the house. This is a solution for any investment. Combined with STARCUS automation, the application makes it possible to design a smart and secure home integrated with the IoT world, including control of door joinery and exterior shades from virtually anywhere in the world.

Aplikacja myKRISPOL umożliwia wygodne sterowanie bramą garażową i osłonami zewnętrznymi z poziomu aplikacji w smartfonie

The myKRISPOL application allows you to conveniently control your garage door and external covers from the application on your smartphone


For more information, visit the company's KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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