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Create your solid wood countertop yourself! Intuitive design with the free Panmar Countertops app

07 of December '20

Panmar Countertops - intuitive and free online application for designing wood countertops

Modern solutions and technological progress are undeniably a lever for the dynamic development of the construction and interior design industry. The use of the latest production methods and material knowledge ultimately means better quality products. The use of intelligent solutions is a great convenience for professionals and specialists - including architects and private investors. Following this line of reasoning, the company PANMAR Czekańska Szmyd Spółka Jawna has created an intuitive, freely available Panmar Countertops application that allows you to conveniently and precisely design the perfect wooden countertop - exactly as you yourself want it to be!

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Panmar solid wood countertop


Protecting a wood countertop - PanmarWood Protection

But before the finished wooden countertop goes to its new owner, the company PANMAR Czekańska Szmyd Spółka Jawna has made it a point of honor to make sure that the countertop is durable, long-lasting and simply beautiful. And this is where the latest technology comes to the rescue - more specifically, the company' s proprietary PanmarWood Protection technology. This is an innovative method of protecting wood with UV-cured oils, thanks to which wooden countertops are not only more durable, more resistant and definitely more resistant to water, but most importantly they do not require impregnation and subsequent oiling as often, as countertops that are not protected by this very technique.

Designing a solid wood countertop - an inspiring pleasure.

Having such a well-chosen and protected material at our disposal, we can, without fear or hindrance, proceed to design our dream countertop and present the result of our work to all those who, like us, love the beauty of natural wood. It is for this purpose that the Panmar Countertops application was created. Convenient, intuitive and even - inspiring.

Panmar Countertops app - design adventure time to start

Is it difficult? Where to start?
We start by choosing the type of wood, color and finish. In the next steps, we specify the exact dimensions and where to cut the holes - if, of course, we envision such in our design. We indicate the basic shape: rectangle triangle, circle, oval or "L" shape, and best of all - we can see the changes made immediately in real time on the computer screen. We can save the created design, or even conveniently immediately send it for execution, if we want.... or modify it until we get the perfect design. Or we can go back to step one and start the design all over again!

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Panmar solid wood countertops


The application is completely free and very easy to use - that's why the company emphasizes that it can be used not only by professional designers and interior architects, but also, and perhaps above all, by people without specialized knowledge looking for the best solutions for their home. All you have to do is type the application's address in your web browser or click this link: Panmar Counter tops app and proceed to design, and at the end enjoy your custom-designed real wood countertop!

For more information, visit the company's PANMAR Czekańska Szmyd Spółka Jawna page on the A&B portal.

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