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Man and object. The emotional dimension of Italian design of Elica cooker hoods.

07 of December '20

Elica cooker hoods and cooktops - Italian design and functionality of modern technology

The kitchen space today is increasingly linked to the essence and character of the house, it becomes a social, representative zone, where we like to spend time, not just cook. The functions of the various zones interpenetrate each other, and householders are pragmatic about the design of more than just kitchen appliances. However, function does not exclude form. Nothing stands in the way of enchanting the functionality of the appliances around us in a form that our human aesthetics will not allow to pass by indifferently. This is the principle of Elica Group Polska, which is reflected in its collections of hoods and cooktops.

Marriage of function and form - a whisper of modernity

Today, minimalism of form and refined design does not exclude attention to the richness of functions, resulting from innovative technologies. In response to this trend, Elica creates innovative hoods and cooktops, which are characterized by high efficiency, quiet operation and perfect adaptation to the individual requirements of the kitchen design. The design of these appliances undeniably creates an emotional dimension to the relationship between man and object.

The latest collection of Elica hoods is equipped with Comfort Silence technology, which allows you to carry on conversations and cook without experiencing any acoustic disturbance, even at the maximum speed of the device. In the case of the Bloom S hood, which is also equipped with sound-absorbing panels, the noise level is reduced to 50 dB(A) when operating in the highest third gear.

Okap naścienny SuperPlat,
szer. 80 cm, klasa A, sterowanie przez Wi-Fi jako opcja © ELICA

SuperPlat wall-mounted hood, width 80 cm, class A, Wi-Fi control as an option


Elica hoods and cooktops - design backed by tradition

Elica is a brand that, since its inception - that is, invariably for 50 years - has paid extraordinary attention to the aesthetics of its appliances. The typically Italian sense of aesthetics in the case of Elica hoods and cooktops manifests itself in a harmonious synergy of technology with elegant form, avoidance of unnecessary details and utmost care in the selection of materials.

The Plat and Super Plat collection hoods are available in white or black glass, and the Rules series, in addition to the glass front, is also available with a Gres Dekton stone panel allowing it to match the kitchen countertop, made of a material of the same texture. The creation of open, homely spaces devoid of labels is fostered by a collection of island and ceiling hoods, such as the Lullaby model, which has won numerous awards in international competitions, whose form and matter of light is in symbiosis with technological excellence.

Okap naścienny Rules
w wersji Gres Dekton, szer. 60, 90, 120 cm, klasa A, max. wydajność 700 m3/h © ELICA

Rules wall-mounted hood in Gres Dekton version, width 60, 90, 120 cm, class A, max. efficiency 700m3/h.


Elica appliances are designed with the freedom of kitchen space arrangement in mind. They naturally and beautifully fit into the style of the kitchen design, becoming an integral part of the equipment or, on the contrary, proudly stand out, unequivocally marking with their presence the zone of culinary fantasies. Noble forms are accompanied by advanced technology for absorbing kitchen odors and vapors, high efficiency and low noise.

NikolaTesla Fit, szer. 60 lub
72 cm, klasa A, 57 dBA (@ 400 m3/h) © ELICA

NikolaTesla Fit cooktop, width 60 or 72 cm, class A, 57 dBA (@ 400m3/h).


Elica hood designer Fabrizio Crisà is also the creator of the avant-garde NikolaTesla cooktops, which redefined the perception of the form and function of the cooking zone. The cooktop with integrated hood revolutionizes the everyday cooking experience. Beautiful design and innovative combinations of two appliances in a single unit are the essence of harmony in any kitchen space. Today, multifunctional and space-optimizing solutions are must-haves for the most attentive consumers.

For more information, visit the company's Elica Group Polska page on the A&B portal.

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