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Elica brand designers surprise with design in avant-garde projects

15 of December '21

NikolaTesla cooktop with built-in extractor - innovative and designer.
From the series "Interior trends 2022".

The NikolaTesla collection of cooktops with built-in extractor is a precisely designed, intuitive appliance that combines two in one - a cooktop and an extractor hood. It is the answer to the need for efficiency, style and ease of use.

Harmony and simplicity in modern design

Passion for cooking today is expressed not only in sophisticated flavors, but also in a precisely designed environment with carefully selected accessories. We are looking for appliances that make life easier, guarantee functionality when preparing meals and disappear discreetly when the work is done. From the synergy of Italian design and innovative technology came the intuitive NikolaTesla cooktops, which combine two appliances that are usually installed separately - the cooktop and the exhaust hood. These models fit perfectly into the concept of a kitchen open to the living room, with no upper build-up, lighter and more spacious.

o dużej mocy wyciągowej płyta indukcyjna NikolaTesla Switch

Minimalist, high-powered exhaust hob NikolaTesla Switch induction hob.

© Elica

The NikolaTesla collection of cooktops with built-in exhaust is Elica 's answer to the need for efficiency, style and ease of use. Air quality has always been Elica's ultimate goal, which is why all models feature the highest suction power for fumes, significantly higher in relation to the speed of their ascent. The NikolaTesla line was designed for connoisseurs who prefer sophisticated design and unique visual experience. Here minimalism mixes with individualism and a pinch of extravagance.

The power of lift and design

Italian design is characterized by beauty, originality and outstanding quality. Fabrizio Criśa, designer of the Elica brand in his avant-garde designs, knows how to surprise with design like no one else. The result is the sophisticated form of the NikolaTesla One hob, ideal for lovers of minimalist style. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the model has a high-powered exhaust system at the heart of the unit, which captures fumes and odors at a record rate of 5.2 m/s. This means always fresh and clean air in the kitchen space. A simple interface provides intuitive operation. With a gentle flick of the wrist, you can set the suction power and temperature suitable for preparing your favorite dish.

pięknym wzornictwem, nagrodzona Compasso d'oro płyta indukcyjna NikolaTesla One

Attractive in its beautiful design, the Compasso d'oro award-winning NikolaTesla One induction cooktop.

© Elica

All models in the NikolaTesla range are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their perfectly smooth ceramic glass surface. Replaceable filters (grease and fragrance) are conveniently accessible. If any liquid accidentally enters the hob during cooking, there is no need to worry: a special valve at the bottom of the hob allows it to drain away.

Perfection in a small space

Nowadays we increasingly have a small space at our disposal , so multifunctional appliances are a good idea for its optimal use. The large needs of small kitchens are answered by a compact model - NikolaTesla Fit. The equipment was designed for people who, despite space limitations, do not want to give up the highest quality and freedom when cooking. This is the first induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, which can also be installed in cabinets only 60 cm wide. Autocapture technology allows you to indulge in the cooking experience completely, as the hood automatically adjusts the vapor extraction mode appropriate to the number and power level of the cooking zones in use.
The NicolaTesla Fit hob is distinguished by its compact size, without sacrificing freedom of movement and convenient positioning of cookware while cooking. The shape of the suction module is designed to leave room for any type of cookware. In addition, the Bridge function allows two zones to be combined, creating a single zone designed for cookware with larger diameters, ensuring consistent cooking temperatures.

Kompaktowa, idealna do małych przestrzeni płyta indukcyjna NikolaTesla Fit

Compact, ideal for small spaces, the NikolaTesla Fit induction cooktop

© Elica

A triple revolution in cooking

We seek a variety of flavors in the kitchen, so we often conduct culinary experiments. It is worthwhile in such endeavors to have a proven companion that automates activities. Is there one device that provides precise weighing of ingredients, flexible cooking and efficient absorption of cooking fumes? Yes, it's the NikolaTesla Libra induction cooktop. Three essential kitchen functions perfectly integrated into one product. The innovative model has four heating zones with a practical combination function, a quiet and efficient vapor extraction system and an integrated digital scale that weighs ingredients directly in the pot, regardless of the cooking temperature.

Niezawodny pomocnik w kuchni - płyta indukcyjna z wbudowaną wagą NikolaTesla Libra

A reliable helper in the kitchen - induction hob with integrated scale NikolaTesla Libra

© Elica

The NikolaTesla collection of appliances are unique models that meet customized customer needs. The Italian family of harmonious hobs - the innovative Libra, the compact Fit and the Compasso d'oro award-winning, One - also includes the minimalist Switch, the gas version of Flame and the robust Prime.

The NikolaTesla line of induction cooktops with built-in hood is a proposal from Italian brand Elica for those who want to maximize kitchen space. The perfect mechanism for heating and absorbing cooking vapors remains completely hidden inside the induction cooktop, just a slight pressure on its central movable panel is enough to activate the absorption in a perfect symbiosis of style, ergonomics and functionality.

i solidna płyta indukcyjna NikolaTesla Prime

The elegant and robust NikolaTesla Prime induction cooktop

© Elica

For more information, visit the company 's Elica Group Polska page on thePdA portal.

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