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A new dimension of kitchen space

07 of May '21

Of the five senses, sight is the one that most affects our emotional sphere. Our homes and everyday spaces, where we spend the most time, should evoke good emotions and create only positive sensations, making us feel at ease.

Whether a home is decorated in a modern, chic or vintage style, linearity and harmony are the current trends in interior design. The kitchen, whether as an open space, a compact alcove or an independent room, is increasingly in constant communication and integration with the home space and focuses daily family and social life.

Elica has always been attentive to the needs of its customers, which is why in its 2021 collection, the Italian manufacturer has proposed hoods and cooktops integrated with an extractor, in which uncompromising design is combined with special attention to intuitive operation. The Italian brand's design has been recognized in recent months in three international competitions: Iconic Design Award, International Design Award and Archiproduct Design for coming from the latest collection for the 2021 season: the Rules wall hood and NikolaTesla Fit cooktop.

NikolaTesla Fit

The latest model in Elica's innovative NikolaTesla series is a FIT cooktop with a unique design and maximum efficiency, meeting the needs of those who, even in small spaces, don't want to give up excellence in cooking fume extraction and easy cleaning and maintenance.

The new Nicola Tesla Fit induction cooktop with integrated extractor can also be installed in 60 cm or 70 cm worktops.

The system for absorbing cooking odors is completely hidden inside the induction cooktop, with just a slight pressure on the center section to activate the extraction in a perfect combination of style, ergonomics and functionality, without sacrificing freedom of movement during food preparation.

Nicola Tesla Fit induction cooktop

© Elica


From the successful synergy of elegant design and cutting-edge technology come hoods with adaptable design, capable of perfect integration into the kitchen space.

The Rules hood literally realizes the idea of integration: thanks to the innovative SHIFT 2136 mechanism, capable of millimeter depth modulation from 21cm to 36cm. This solution allows maximum design flexibility, in absolute continuity of lines in harmony with the kitchen design. The shelves are perfectly matched to the depth of the wall cabinets. The height of the hood 36 cm allows the installation of a top cabinet in the case of kitchens with 72 cm high wall cabinets, without losing the balance between all the elements.

Elica Rules Dekton hood

© Elica

Hidden 2.0@

It combines the principles of integration and flexibility along with interaction through a wi-fi connection with the Alexa voice assistant and the ElicaConnec app. The canopy can be operated not only by touch, but also remotely precisely thanks to a dedicated and user-friendly app that updates the user with useful information about the status of the canopy or any necessary interventions, for example: reminds the user to change the filter.

In the event of the need to replace the filter, the user will be redirected to the Elica online store website containing spare parts compatible with their product. A simple and fast service created to help the customer function better for a long time.

As the name Hidden 2.0@ suggests, the hood has been designed to disappear into the wall module, without interfering with the uniform surface of the kitchen.

Elica Hidden 2.0@ Focus hood

© Elica

An exception to the slogan of integration are hoods, like decorative lamps, the most brilliant example of which is the Interstellar island hood. Created with more than 1,000 crystal elements, it was designed to add sparkle to the kitchen space at any time of the day. It spectacularly illuminates the surface of the kitchen cooking area and effectively absorbs kitchen odors. With this model, decorating the kitchen with a "wow" effect is widely available.

Elica Interstelar Bianka hood

© Elica


Elica, which has been in business since the 1970s, is a world leader in the production of hoods and induction hobs, as well as a European leader in the production of motors for home ventilation. Under the leadership of Francesco Casoli and the management of Mauro Sacchetto, it has a manufacturing platform divided into seven plants in Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and China, with more than 3,800 employees. Many years of experience in the industry, attention to design, refined materials and advanced technologies that guarantee maximum efficiency and reduced energy consumption are the elements that distinguish the Elica Group in the market. The manufacturer is constantly revolutionizing the traditional image of cooker hoods: they are not simple appliances, but uniquely designed objects that measurably improve the quality of life.

For more information, visit the company's Elica Group Polska page on the A&B portal.

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