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Modern terrace without architectural barriers

07 of May '21

Schüco's threshold-free tilt-and-turn and sliding terrace doors.
From the series "Window and door trends 2021"

A home terrace is a kind of extension of the living room or bedroom to the outside, so access to it should be easy and as comfortable as possible for all users, regardless of age or physical ability. The basis for designing a fully friendly home is a properly selected barrier-free terrace door, which allows free and safe passage without the risk of tripping.

The home environment becomes the focal point of the householder's life especially in spring and summer. The terrace then begins to function as a living room, dining room or children's play area. Unrestricted access to these spaces will be provided by appropriately designed passageways in the form of balcony or sliding doors. In accordance with the principles of barrier-free architecture, they should have optimally adjusted dimensions and be free of protruding thresholds, which will allow the residents of the house to pass through without problems in any situation. With the aim of enabling all users to use the terrace in complete safety, comfort and independence, a series of barrier-free swing and sliding doors by Schüco was developed. The DIN 18040-compliant solutions are available in both PVC-U and aluminum systems.

A balcony window in the Schüco AWS 75.SI + aluminum system with a zero-millimeter threshold
Provides barrier-free passage to a balcony or terrace

Open and pass through without obstruction

Openable, single- or double-leaf balcony doors are a versatile solution that is most often used in houses with traditional architecture. This type of woodwork is often equipped with relatively high thresholds, which can generate tripping risks, especially if used by the elderly or children. On the other hand, for people in wheelchairs, they can even be an impassable barrier. According to the recommendations of the DIN 18040 standard relating to barrier-free construction, thresholds in doors should be flush with the floor or, if this is not technically feasible, have a maximum height of 2 cm.

Balcony doors in the Schüco AWS aluminum system combine convenience of use with first-class design. They are equipped with an innovative zero-millimeter threshold, which is embedded in the floor and forms a level plane with its finishing layer. It corresponds to the highest, Class 6 passability according to ift guideline BA-01/1 "Determination and Classification of Threshold Passability." In addition, the innovative drooping gasket ensures easy closing of the sash, and concealed hardware in the frame ensures easy manual operation, for which minimal operating forces are required. All of these options are available on Schüco AWS aluminum window systems with basic installation depths of 70, 75 and 90 mm, as well as on PVC-U balcony doors in Schüco Living and LivIng Alu Inside window systems with 82 mm installation depths.

Zero-millimeter threshold on Schüco LivIngSlide PVC-U sliding doors

© Schüco

Unlimited space and smooth transitions

Terrace sliding doors are a hallmark of modern single-family home architecture. They offer extra-wide passage light and maximum comfort, thanks to convenient sliding or lift-and-slide mechanisms. If you add thresholds that are flush with the floor, you can open the interior of the house very wide to the garden and create a seamless interpenetration effect between the two zones. That's why all Schüco sliding doors are zero-threshold solutions in accordance with 18040. This applies to both the aluminum sliding and lift-and-slide structures of the ASE series and the PVC-U LivIngSlide lift-and-slide.

The zero-millimeter threshold solution goes hand in hand with optimal watertightness of the joinery, its excellent thermal insulation parameters, as well as protection from unwanted visitors. Threshold-free sliding doors can, in addition, also be produced in the optimal burglary resistance class RC2, which will be appreciated especially by owners of houses located in remote areas, as well as those with higher requirements for a sense of security.


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