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New System 900 - a holistic concept: accessories, dispensing systems, hardware

09 of April '21

System 900 - flexible arrangement of hotel bathroom equipment.
From the series "Hotels - arrangements and trends 2021".

For HEWI, good design also means a guarantee of a variety of options. System 900 is available in stainless steel, chrome-plated and powder-coated with a deep matte surface in white, gray or black.

Photo: © HEWI

The 900 system makes it possible to design a room that is precisely tailored to a given architectural concept. A large selection of bathroom accessories for standard side-room bathrooms, larger dispensing systems for public toilets, or fittings, makes it possible to use the optimal product.

A consistent hotel concept will appeal to guests. System 900 combines functionality and excellent design with solid, long-lasting quality, creating added value with comprehensive solutions ranging from accessories and comfort-enhancing products to barrier-free fixtures. With System 900, you have the opportunity to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, with aesthetics and functionality as a constant feature.

Photo: © HEWI

Innovative solutions dedicated to hotels

Barrier-free sanitary rooms make high demands in terms of planning and furnishing. HEWI has decades of experience and designs innovative products in the spirit of universal design.

With HEWI's mobility solutions, you can flexibly arrange your hotel bathroom equipment and offer your guests special comfort and service. Barrier-free bathrooms are often needed in hotels at short notice - with mobile tilt handrails and shower seats, any bathroom can be quickly and easily adapted to the needs of the guest. The mobile solution clips into a permanently installed mounting plate, and can be just as easily removed when no longer needed. The mounting platform is covered with a cover. Mobile solutions provide the same functionality as permanently installed products: they provide secure support and save space by folding into the wall.

Photo: © HEWI

"Barrier-free" design assistance

HEWI offers a free design service consisting of advice, equipment lists and designs in accordance with standards and the investor's individual needs. Depending on the type of facility (hotel, hospital, nursing home, office building or public facility), dedicated solutions will be proposed from the areas of:

  • adaptations for the disabled,
  • bathroom accessories and door hardware in various material finishes.

Contact the design service:

For more information, visit HEWI Poland 's A&B website.

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