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Tradition and quality in ORiSTO bathroom furniture

23 of December '20

87 years of history

As early as 1933, Teofil Ornowski, grandfather of the current owner and president of the company, opened a carpentry workshop in Lubawa. From that moment on, successive generations of the Ornowski family have been recognized in the local market for their careful workmanship and respect for customers.

The history of ORiSTO as we know it today - a manufacturer of top-quality bathroom furniture - dates back to the early 1990s, when the current owner Krzysztof Ornowski, maintaining the same values, began serial production of furniture, first in Lubawa and then at the current location - in Montowo.

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Tradition and quality in ORiSTO bathroom furniture


Every detail matters

Our history, already nearly 90 years old, is a source of pride for us, but also a commitment. We successfully strive to combine the best traditions of carpentry craftsmanship, for which the Ornowski family company has been known for decades, with the requirements of modern industrial production. The element that connects these two worlds is attention to detail. We are very keen to ensure that the trace of commitment, professionalism and reliability of the people who took part in their manufacture remains in our products. And what is important - this applies to all areas of the company and not just the manufacturing aspects. We want to be modern, because that's what the challenges of today demand. But we also want to be traditionally solid and reliable because we believe that this is the only way to build lasting values.


Our bathroom furniture is the result of unconventional thinking about design and functionality for which we do not recognize compromises. Above all, however, they are the fruit of bathroom competence built up over the years. We know very well what furniture can be exposed to in the harsh conditions of bathroom interiors, and we select their specifications so that they can withstand all the risks.

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Unique triple protection against water and moisture


We are the only company on the market to use triple protection against water and moisture - 100% moisture-proof boards, 100% edging with waterproof PU glue and varnishes especially resistant to water and moisture. Thanks to this we are sure that our bathroom furniture is the best protected on the market.

Oristo production

ORiSTO today is a very modern and constantly modernized machine park installed in new buildings. This is our pride and the source of our conviction that we are excellently prepared for the challenges of modern times. Production is managed by an efficient ERP system giving a guarantee of stability and predictability. Every step of the way it is measured and analyzed to increase productivity and efficiency. The laboratory, opened last year, allows us to control key production parameters on an ongoing basis and ensure its repeatability and stability. A precise quality assurance system, coupled with a refined attention to detail in all employees, guarantees unique product quality.

After-sales service

When you purchase an ORiSTO product, as well as during its use, you can count on all kinds of assistance from our side. A team of competent and well-versed in products advisors will answer every question, explain every doubt. Known in the market, the commitment and professionalism of our advisors is our second brand. It is, of course, a matter of our company's policies and procedures. But it is also, and perhaps above all, simple human kindness, which is one of the fundamental values that guide us in our daily dealings.

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Tradition and quality in ORiSTO bathroom furniture


Facts about ORiSTO

  • Location: Montowo near Lubawa
  • Production halls area: 11 000m2
  • Employment: about 320 people (of which about 40% are women)
  • Warehouse area: 6000m2.

For more information, visit the company's ORiSTO Sp. z o.o page on the A&B portal.

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