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Umage - light well framed

26 of November '22

Light well framed. Umage's offering for the investment market

The ideal lighting for the investment market can be described by the slogan "3 x E". It must be economical, ergonomic and elegant. These are the qualities of Umage brand lamps.

Umage is a Danish brand with more than a decade of tradition. It started with the sale of lighting, and although today it also offers excellent furniture and accessories, it is the lamps that form the core of its extensive range. They are making a dizzying career in the investment market. They can be found in offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, commercial spaces. They illuminate and decorate.

Krzesła Time Flies, lampy wiszące Asteria, Umage

Time Flies chairs, Asteria pendant lamps, Umage


Unobvious simplicity

Why is it worth investing in Umage lighting? In addition to the "three E's" mentioned in the introduction, it has other features that make it an ideal for investors and interior designers. First - the design. It is modern, diverse, but at the same time so universal that it fits into any interior and almost any style. It will not grow old with the seasonally fashionable color of the walls. Many designs are available in several sizes and colors, which further increases their versatility. A good example is the Asteria line : the lampshade has a simple, classic form, yet a wide range of non-classic shades, such as saffron or bottle green.

Lampy bezprzewodowe Asteria Move V2 świecące do 168 godzin, Umage

Asteria Move V2 wireless lamps illuminating for up to 168 hours, Umage


There are several versions to choose from: pendant, plafond, table lamp and - very popular lately - wireless, with charging station (ideal for a table in a restaurant or cafe!). The Clava Wood series (pendant lamp and wall lamp), on the other hand, is an interesting creation on the theme of a return to craftsmanship and nature - the shade is openwork, made of wooden "lamellas". Meanwhile, in a design called Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not ), the oak veneer lampshade combines balanced decorativeness and Scandinavian simplicity. The brand offers a special Rosette suspension system for it, which allows up to five lamps to be combined.

Lampy wiszące Forget Me Not wykonane z forniru dębowego, zawieszenie Rosette Mini Cluster 5 G4, Umage

Forget Me Not pendant lamps made of oak veneer, Rosette Mini Cluster 5 G4 suspension, Umage


Sure - because it's Umage!

Selected Umage lighting lines come with a ten-year warranty, but the brand 's reputation is a sufficient guarantee. Umage's philosophy is to create innovative yet functional products at reasonable prices. Therefore, the lamps can be matched with a variety of accessories (such as the aforementioned suspension systems).

Fotele A Conversation Piece Low, stolik kawowy Hang Out, kinkiet Clava Up Wood, Umage

A Conversation Piece Low armchairs, Hang Out coffee table, Clava Up Wood wall lamp, Umage


From the design - visionary, but thoroughly analyzed, drawn and calculated - to the moment of placement in an office, restaurant or boutique, Umage lamps are an example of an ideal product for modern investors.

Lampa wisząca Clava Wood z dębiny i lameli jesionowych, Umage

Clava Wood pendant lamp made of oak and ash fins, Umage


For more information, visit the company's Pufa Design page on the PdA portal.

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