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Intelligently designed items - respecting the natural environment and made with modern technology

29 of November '22

VANK is a Polish team of architects, engineers and craftsmen. We create furniture. Objects. Signs in space. Objects designed intelligently - with respect for the natural environment and made using modern technologies. We believe in a circular economy model that reduces the consumption of natural resources, reduces waste and increases the use of biodegradable, renewable and recyclable plastics.


Novelty 2023 - CUBE - allows you to build an ecological workspace anywhere, in any space. The modular system is based on a single element - a cube made of VANK_BIO biomaterial (flax or hemp) - and offers the possibility to easily change the interior according to changing needs. A single module looks like a box, but the system can be a bench, a desk with a pouffe, a counter, a shelf, a bookcase or a wall dividing the space.

VANK_CUBE_BIO - NOWOŚĆ dostępna od 2023 r

VANK_CUBE_BIO - NEW available from 2023



Acoustic wall panels can be made of VANK_BIO biomaterial or rPET recycled non-woven fabric. They are offered in 5 shapes: DIAMOND, WAVE, FLAT, ELLIPSE, COLUMN. The panels can̨ be ordered in any quantity for wall finishes or creaté configured, ready-to-hang acoustic images. They are also an essential component of mobile office walls and meeting rooms.


Acoustic 1, 2/3-, 4 and 6-person boxes, or mobile rooms for meetings, video conferencing and one-on-one work in the office, are manufactured in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. VANK distinguishes itself in the office market, in addition to eco-friendly materials, by offering boxes finished with 3D panels both inside and outside. Thus, it provides even greater acoustic comfort in open-space offices.

In addition to basic collections based on panel shapes, VANK has created special series to motivate teams in the workplace: JUNGLE, GRAPHIC LIGHT, DARK and CREATIVE. With additional casters for easy movement, the agile cubicles can be easily rotated or moved within a single room. With such a wide range, we ensure a high degree of personalization.

VANK_BOX WAVE Boks akustyczny 4-osobowy w wersji mobilnej

VANK_BOX WAVE Acoustic box 4-person mobile version.



PEEL chairs, lounge chairs and tables finished in natural veneer give a sense of connection with the original human environment. The collection was created out of concern for natural resources. Through the use of wood-saving technology, the premise of "reduce" in accordance with the principles of ecological action has been realized. Innovative micro mesh technology gives the chairs and armchairs the characteristic features of waviness and sinuous curvature.

Krzesło VANK_PEEL i panele na ścianę VANK_ELLIPSE

VANK_PEEL chair and VANK_ELLIPSE wall panels


We look forward to working with you!

For more information, visit the company's VANK Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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