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Rako ceramic wall cladding - countless possibilities for arranging and enlivening interiors

Łukasz Studnicki
25 of December '20

RAKO - more than 135 years of ceramic cladding production

Ceramic tile production has been going on uninterruptedly in Rakovnik since 1883. Among the hundreds of references are the Art Nouveau ceramic claddings in Prague's Imperial Hotel from 1914, in the Representative House in Prague from1912, the Amalienbad baths of 1926, in Vienna, the Chamber of Merchants in Lodz, or the swimming pool in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, originally and again, after 60 years.

These include all of Poland's EURO2012 stadiums, dozens of swimming pools, many universities, such as Jagiellonian University, the Engineers Factory in Łódź, railway stations, airports, or big-box stores, and hospitals, such as the Provincial Hospital in Wrocław or Biała Podlaska.





Countless design possibilities, enlivening interiors by combining different colors from among the 24-color range, delicate shades, or intensely contrasting ones, are made possible by the COLOR ONE series of object wall tiles. The color scheme includes two, 12-color scales: the rainbow, vivid colors of the day, and the night scale - tones of beige and gray. All tiles come in matte and glossy surface finishes, and the modular formats are: 15x15, 20x20, 20x40 cm, further diversify creative design possibilities. Selected colors are also offered in 20x60 and 30x60 cm formats, and with rectified edges, in 30x60 and 30x90 cm formats. The COLOR ONE series of wall tiles is part of the complete RAKO Object investment tile system, offering tiles in the same color scheme, also in the floor tile series , COLOR TWO.

Kolorystyka COLOR ONE
obejmuje dwie, 12-barwne skale: tęczowe, żywe kolory dnia oraz nocną skalę – tonacje beżu i szarości. © RAKO

COLOR ONE's color scheme includes two, 12-color scales: the rainbow, vibrant colors of the day and the night scale - tones of beige and gray.


SPECTRA series - new 2021

Porphyry / terrazzo pattern in colorfully stylized decoration for modern bathroom interiors. Rectified smooth tiles, format 30x60 cm. Monocolor tile in ivory color and 3 color variants in which colors are mixed. Gently satin surface, in the color versions additionally emphasized with a matte print effect that creates a contrast with the surface of the tile.

We suggest choosing a single color tile, combined with a base monocolor tile. We do not recommend combining different color versions in one room. The decoration of the tiles is very intensive, so the SPECTRA series is complemented only by a cut mosaic of colored tiles for covering rounded elements, bathtubs or for local decoration. The tiles are rectified in cal.8. and can be combined with other RAKO floor series, mainly with concrete, wood or single-color patterns.

Offer RAKO Object, and other wall and floor tiles, available at

For more information, visit the company's RAKO / LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. page on the A&B portal.

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