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A wide selection of Diamond radiators

11 of December '23

We expect a lot from all the furnishings in a house or apartment today. They should not only perfectly fulfill their role, but also look impressive. In the past, the only parameter of a heating system that mattered was the amount of heat delivered, today more and more attention is also paid to other issues such as economy and ecology (which often go hand in hand). DIAMOND radiators are designed to work well with low-temperature installation.

The DIAMOND brand has been on the Polish market for more than 25 years, so it has long had a large share in the development of the heating and sanitary industry. High quality in its performance means not only the standard of the products themselves, but also the convenience of their installation and use. The manufacturer provides guarantees: 15 years for aluminum radiators, 10 years for steel radiators and five years for bathroom radiators. After-sales service stands at the highest European level.

Ciekawa aranżacja grzejnika DV-22 na stojaku

An interesting arrangement of the DV-22 radiator on a stand


Radiators on a stand - ready for unusual solutions

Some interiors require unusual solutions. DIAMOND also has a proposal for such an occasion and proves that radiators do not have to be boring or hang on the wall. The company offers dedicated floor stands that replace traditional wall brackets. Such a solution allows the installation of radiators in any desired location. Easy to install, the stands fit most panel radiators.

Grzejnik stalowy PV-22 ozdobny w dowolnym miejscu w pomieszczeniu

PV-22 decorative steel radiator anywhere in the room


Steel radiators

DIAMOND offers radiators in many sizes (heights 300, 400, 550, 600 and 900; lengths from 300 to 3000 mm), with the following number of panels and convectors: 11, 21, 22, 33, as well as 1600, 1800, 2000 high radiators. Such a wide choice gives installation designers great freedom in planning the arrangement of radiators and allows them to match the cubic capacity of a room and the amount of space - even if the available wall space is small.

Harmoniously matched proportions of the designs, attention to the careful finishing of the edges, as well as the striking form of the faceplates can inspire the decoration of any interior. Architects preparing an arrangement can take advantage, in particular, of the interesting effect created by models with a perfectly smooth faceplate - type PV or variants with a faceplate equipped with non-obvious horizontal embossing - type DV. These are radiators that have 2 efficient convectors in addition to two profiled plates. The side surfaces are enclosed with covers, the top surface is covered with a grill-type cover. The set supplied with the radiators includes: plugs, air vents and a valve insert with pre-regulation from Heimeier.

Akcesoria dedykowane do systemu DIAMOND PEX

Accessories dedicated to the DIAMOND PEX system


Diamond PEX system

PEX is cross-linked polyethylene with increased resistance to high temperatures (95°C for continuous operation). Thus, PEX works well as a material for hot water pipes and heating systems. It is a flexible and stretchable material. An important advantage of PEX is its low brittleness temperature (-25°C), hence the possibility of outdoor use. PEX pipes are also non-toxic and free of heavy metals, so they are recommended especially for drinking water installations.

Ogrzewanie podłogowe z systemem DIAMOND PEX

Floor heating with DIAMOND PEX system


Proven quality

The DIAMOND PEX system has been positively evaluated by the CENTRO DE ENSAYOS, INNOVACIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.L. testing laboratory. (CEIS) in Madrid (Accreditation No. 1/LE149), as well as the Institute of Polymer Materials and Dyes Engineering (Paint and Plastics Branch, Research and Analytical Department) in Gliwice (Accreditation No. AB 163). It also meets the requirements of the European standard PN-EN ISO 21003-2 and PN-EN ISO 21003-5. In addition, the fittings for the system meet the requirements of European standards: PN-EN 1254-3 and PN-EN 1254-8.

Grzejnik stalowy ozdobny D-22

Decorative steel radiator D-22


How is the DIAMOND PEX system constructed?

The system is formed by PE-Xb/Al/PE-Xb pipes available in 4 size variants: 16x2, 20x2, 25x2.5, 32x3 and PE-Xb/Al/PE-Xb PROFESSIONAL LASER pipes in 2 size variants: 16x2, 20x2. Multilayer pipes are manufactured from two layers of polyethylene cross-linked with silanes (cross-linking degree ≥ 65%). Between them is a layer of aluminum overlapped or butt-welded with a laser, resulting in a tight weld. Such a structure of the pipe reduces its linear thermal expansion, in turn increases the pipe's resistance to mechanical damage, as well as makes it easier to bend and lay the pipe (a pipe with an aluminum jacket retains the shape given to it and does not require heating to bend - the so-called shape memory phenomenon.

Complementing the DIAMOND PEX system are twist and crimp fittings (designed for surface mounting) and press fittings (designed for surface, flush and floor installations).

Kompletny System DIAMOND PEX w aranżacji łazienkowej z ponadczasowymi produktami armatury DIAMOND

The complete DIAMOND PEX System in a bathroom arrangement with timeless DIAMOND fittings products


Advantages of the DIAMOND PEX system

- DIAMOND PEX system pipes are lightweight, especially compared to those made of copper or iron. Importantly, installers with its installation do not have any problems - installation of the system is quick and efficient, using basic tools.
- PEX pipes are distinguished by an extremely smooth inner surface, so they remain permeable for a long time. Through smooth pipes water flows without noise, which translates into quiet operation of the entire installation. The materials used in the production of pipes are non-toxic, they also do not react with other materials, so they are resistant to electrochemical corrosion.
- Advantages due to the properties of PEX: durability, resistance to mechanical damage, shape memory, etc.
- The entire system is guaranteed by decades of use and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Installation of the DIAMOND PEX system

PEX pipes should be connected only with twist-and-lock fittings (in disconnected connections, only surface-mounted) or press fittings (in non-disconnected connections). In installations made from the PEX system, no glue is used. When installing the system, "U" type jaws (used to connect pressed fittings), internal springs (for bending pipe ends) and external springs (for bending straight sections), as well as special tools for cutting pipes are necessary. The end of the pipe should be chamfered (to make the outer and inner edges) with a calibrator. It is worth remembering that the use of the correct jaws and press machine, the proper calibration of the PEX pipe and the protocol of the leakage test performed after the installation are the basis for the warranty.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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