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VELUX window sets - more light and a panoramic view

24 of November '22

VELUX window sets - more light and a panoramic view

A sense of space, a panoramic view and a comfortable place to live are the benefits of installing roof windows in sets, that is, several roof windows directly next to or above each other. With such a solution, not only will you get better light for your interiors, but also for your health and well-being.

When deciding to install roof windows, it is worth bearing in mind that their number, placement and size will affect the comfort of users in the future. According to regulations, the window area should be a minimum of 10% of the room's floor area. However, if you want to enjoy more light in the attic, you can install several windows side by side. Then the glazing can reach up to 30-40% of the floor area.

Okno dachowe z elementem doświetlającym VIU

Roof window with light element VIU


Various possibilities for combining windows

When combining windows into sets, it is worth bearing in mind some rules: horizontally combine windows of the same height - in practice, this is equivalent to the same window size. If the room is high then we can consider installing windows one above the other. However, you need to keep in mind that vertically we combine windows of the same width - while to diversify the interior architecture, the windows can be of different lengths. Windows of different types and sizes can be combined into sets, for example, an electric window with a manual opening window. In the case of VELUX electric windows, the mechanism is integrated into the structure. This is a big advantage, because closed electric windows look identical from the outside and inside to those opened manually.

Zestaw Duo

Duo kit


DUO set

The most common window set is two windows mounted side by side. VELUX has developed a new way to mount them to enjoy more daylight and a panoramic view. The DUO mounting kit creates an attractive design while adding spaciousness to the interior. Now two windows of the same size can be installed side by side without rafters between them giving the impression that they form a single unit.

Okno do dachu płaskiego

Window for flat roof


Roof windows

Roof windows also include a range of windows for flat roofs - with a flat or spherical glass module. These solutions feature a completely new design and provide maximum daylight, an excellent view to the outside and a modern design.

Lukarna dachowa

Roof dormer


Lap windows

Another solution is to combine roof windows with vertical windows in knee sets so as to use the knee wall to open up to the space around the building. This is a very popular solution and gives exceptional visual comfort. We then open up to the view below and high above the horizon line. In addition, knee windows are a great way to ventilate the interior even in very bad weather.

Balkon dachowy GDL

GDL roof balcony


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