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50th anniversary of RAYCHEM technology - electric self-regulating heating cables

05 of September '22

Radiation chemistry for electric heating.
From the series "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - trends 2022".

This year, nVent is celebrating the 50th anniversary of RAYCHEM self-regulation technology. In 1972, Raychem Corporation was the first to apply radiation chemistry to electric heating by creating a polymer core that adjusts heating power according to ambient temperature.

Self-regulating heating cables:

  • are mechanically robust,
  • allow for precise temperature control,
  • are safe - they do not overheat,
  • can be cut and terminated on site.
  • They provide maximum electricity savings.

Application overview

Protection of pipes from freezing and damage in winter conditions

Frozen pipes are a costly problem - when exposed to sub-zero temperatures, they burst, leading to significant damage and disruption to facilities. Self-regulating nVent RAYCHEM FroStop heating cable or new, halogen-free, low-smoke cables
XL-Trace combined with appropriate thermal insulation will effectively protect water pipes, hydrant and sprinkler systems from freezing.

Using thermal insulation alone or increasing its thickness is often insufficient or economically disadvantageous. Particularly in the absence of a continuous flow of medium in the system, the use of electric heating is necessary.

Przewody mogą być stosowane zarówno do rur metalowych jak i rur z tworzyw sztucznych.

The cables can be used for both metal and plastic pipes.


Electric self-regulating heating cables are used for:

  • Protection against freezing of water pipes, cables laid on pipes:
    nVent RAYCHEM 10XL2-ZH (10 W/m at 5°C), nVent RAYCHEM FroStop Black (18 W/m at 5°C)
  • Protection against freezing of pipes with water, pipes laid inside pipes:
    nVent RAYCHEM ETL-10 (10 W/m at 5°C in air, 20 W/m at 5°C in water)
  • Temperature maintenance of sewer pipes containing fatty substances:
    nVent RAYCHEM 31XL2-ZH (31 W/m at 5°C).

The cables can be used for both metal and plastic pipes. They are laid along the pipeline under the insulation layer. The heating power that must be brought to compensate for heat loss, and therefore what kind of cable to use and what kind of thermal insulation - we calculate or select based on ready-made heat loss tables. A complete set of components and controllers can be selected for each system. To control the operation of such circuits, thermostats are used. Basic control consists in measuring the temperature of the pipeline surface at its coldest point and switching on heating circuits when the temperature reaches the set value. For larger installations it is reasonable to use thermostats with an energy-saving function, such as nVent RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-ECO-10. They determine the cycle of operation of circuits based on the measurement of ambient temperature in accordance with a special algorithm developed for this purpose PASC (proportional control with respect to ambient temperature).

Protection of roofs and gutters against accumulation of snow and ice

An increasingly important aspect is the protection of roofs and gutters from the accumulation of snow and ice. This avoids damage to the roof sheathing caused by standing water leaking consequently through the interior walls and trim.

Coraz ważniejszym aspektem jest ochrona dachów i rynien przed gromadzeniem się śniegu i lodu.

Protecting roofs and gutters from snow and ice accumulation is an increasingly important aspect.


Properly protecting roofs from accumulating snow directly affects the safety of residents and users. The accumulating snow, during alternate freezing and thawing, not only destroys the roof sheathing but also places a huge burden on the building structure. Systematic removal of excess white fluff is therefore a necessity and a duty of property owners. In addition, icicles hanging from gutters and roof sheathing pose a serious danger to passersby.

Another serious problem can be frozen gutters, which, if unobstructed, do not provide constant drainage of water from melting snow. The water, looking for another outlet, flows down the facade damaging walls and ceilings.

samoregulujący system z elektrycznym przewodem grzejnym FroStop Black

Self-regulating system with electric heating cable FroStop Black


A complete self-regulating system with electric heating cable FroStop Black with a power of
28 W/m in snow/ice, 16 W/m in air at 5°C, provides reliable protection against damage in winter conditions. Maintains the permeability of the drainage of melting snow and ice, while eliminating the danger caused by icicles and ice overhangs. Protects roof sheathing, gutters and drain pipes from the effects of freezing water accumulated underneath piled snow.

nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT

The new nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT electric heating system ensures the patency of roof drains in winter. Designed to be easily installed on existing roof drains of any type. The hexagonal, modular design consisting of heated aluminum channels creates optimal drainage paths for melted snow and ice.

elektryczny system grzewczy nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT

nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT electric heating system


The complete kit consists of an aluminum ring, 6 heating strips and a 16-meter factory-terminated self-regulating heating cable (GM-2XT) with an 8-meter cold wire. 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Convenient access in winter

Electric heating systems are an effective method of maintaining the surface of sidewalks, driveways and walkways in a condition that ensures trouble-free and safe movement. A properly designed and executed anti-icing system guarantees the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, reduces the cost of repairing damage to pavements caused by freezing water, saves energy and time for de-icing, and protects the environment from the use of de-icing substances.

podjazd na Cybernetyki w Warszawie, system grzewczy EM2-XR

Driveway on Cybernetyki street in Warsaw, EM2-XR heating system


Benefits of this solution:

  • Constant, round-the-clock access to the building
  • Roads clear snow "by themselves" - the system eliminates the need for manual snow removal
  • Reduced snow removal time - the system prevents snow drifts from forming as they form.
  • Low system costs - the system works only when it snows. Thanks to the use of controllers, the heating system turns on when the temperature drops below the programmed value and there is precipitation at the same time.

For more information, visit the company's nVent Thermal Polska | nVent RAYCHEM page on the PdA portal.

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