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Acoustic tiles from Knauf Celiling Solution - comprehensive solutions for modern interiors

27 of November '22

Comprehensive solutions for modern interiors, where architects focus on design, friendly acoustics, high standards, user safety, ecology and air quality.

Knauf Celiling Solutions acoustic panels are systemic suspended ceilings (modular, smooth, island), baffles, wall cladding along with the entire system of supporting structures. The products meet the highest requirements in terms of room acoustics, hygiene, fire and moisture resistance, light reflection, thermal insulation, durability and decorativeness. They are suitable for interiors of new and renovated buildings, including commercial, office, medical, educational and industrial buildings.

Metalowe sufity CELLIO oraz sufity wyspowe dają nieograniczone możliwości łączenia

CELLIO metal ceilings and island ceilings offer unlimited combination possibilities


Mineral ceilings

Mineral ceilings - combine excellent technical performance and aesthetics. Available: acoustic ceilings (also painted and laminated, with different acoustic properties), hygienic ceilings (for medical facilities and rooms with higher hygienic requirements and/or humidity resistance) and decorative ceilings. Among them are such popular lines as AMF THERMATEX, ARMSTRONG PERLA, ARMSTRONG BIOGUARD and AMF TOPIQ, as well as acoustic smooth ceilings: ELEGANZA and snow-white ADAGIO panels.

Gładki sufit akustyczny ELEGANZA pomaga obniżać pogłos w dużych, otwartych przestrzeniach

ELEGANZA smooth acoustic ceiling helps reduce reverberation in large, open spaces


Wooden ceilings

Wooden ceilings - meeting standards for reaction to fire, yet with good acoustic properties. HERADESIGN - ceilings made of magnesite-bonded wood wool, distinguished by their unique design, as well as WOOD panels with natural veneer available in various sizes with perforations to improve interior acoustics.

Metal ceilings

Metal ceilings - durable ceilings made of galvanized steel or aluminum, elegant and easy to clean. Thanks to acoustic inserts and perforations, they help to shape the acoustics freely. Available in many sizes, systems, forms and colors: as modular panels (METAL), with smooth surface finish or perforations, louvered (CELLIO) and expanded metal (MESH METAL), as well as metal panels with bronze, chrome or wood effect.

Falujące sufity wyspowe z linii METAL dedykowane do wnętrz o charakterze industrialnym

Waving island ceilings from the METAL line dedicated, among other things, to interiors with an industrial character


Island ceilings, vertical panels, wall absorbers

Island ceilings, vertical panels, wall absorbers - striking solutions that provide a wide range of design possibilities. These include vertical Baffles (metal or mineral), mineral islands flat, convex or concave from the THERMATEX and TOPIQ series, or METAL CANOPY metal panels.

Płyty akustyczne HERADESIGN można montować na suficie lub ścianach

HERADESIGN acoustic panels can be installed on the ceiling or walls


Thanks to ecological production, ceilings dedicated to buildings seeking certification: LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Well Building Standard. Selected lines are Cradle to Cradle certified, and other lines are also ecologically certified by Blue Angel, IBU, HQE. Products contain recycled materials - up to 82%.

Ekologiczne płyty ADAGIO – certyfikat Cradle To Cradle oraz 90% poziom odbicia światła (pomagają oszczędzać energię)

Eco-friendly ADAGIO panels - Cradle To Cradle certified and 90% light reflection level (helps save energy)


Load-bearing grates adapted to individual ceiling solutions -- standard (PRELUDE and VENTATEC, DONN®) and decorative (SILHOUETTE), as well as special solutions including hygienic systems (CLEAN ROOM), seismic grid, grid for metal systems and profiles for aesthetic finishing of faults, transitions between ceilings, etc. (AXIONIS).

For more information, visit the company's KNAUF CEILING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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