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Aluminium joinery for the 21st century - a smart home with Aluprof

02 of July '21

Functionality, economy and interesting design - smart home from Aluprof.
From the series "Modern facade and wall materials - trends 2021".

In modern homes, we can use the advances of modern technology for daily building control and automation. It is equally important to build and operate with respect for the environment and using energy-efficient materials. Innovative solutions for homes with a view to the future are offered by Aluprof - one of the European leaders in the aluminum joinery industry.

Convenience and security

Smart home, or smart home in English, is a collective name for home automation systems and devices. In other words, it's a building with which homeowners are able to communicate and to which they can issue various kinds of commands.

Alarm systems, control of the entrance gate to the property or the garage door - these facilities have been known and used for many years. In modern homes, the management and operation of devices are greatly expanded. You can use a computer or smartphone to operate blinds and shades, garage doors, windows, doors, heating devices or lighting. What's more, all these systems can be integrated into one, allowing full control over the state of the house and used to create automatic operating scenarios. The range of Aluprof sunshade systems available from the beginning of 2021 - SkyFlow façade blinds and SkyRoll screens- is in line with this trend.

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Smart home solutions can be integrated with roller blinds, façade blinds and screens from Aluprof's offer. Lowering roller blinds is a simple operation, but no one likes to get out of bed to do it when we have comfortably settled down. Using a remote control, we can lower the screens in selected rooms or the entire house and enjoy the convenience. The same solutions can be applied to garage doors, windows and doors," concludes Sabina Gustof, marketing project manager at Aluprof, " The use of a fully automatic control system, such as solar sensors, makes it possible to constantly monitor the position of the sun and smoothly control the blinds. Other elements of weather automation, such as rain or wind sensors, can in turn provide additional protection in case of adverse weather conditions. Importantly, a properly selected one allows remote control of the blinds from anywhere and at any time, he adds.

With spring returning, it may become necessary to install mosquito nets. Aluprof proposes aluminum solutions, which at the same time provide effective protection against pollution from outside without cutting off access to daylight and fresh air supply. The offer of systems for single-family housing can be found on the manufacturer's dedicated website:

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Design of the 21st century

Today's construction industry is characterized by exceptional design. Large glazings are an increasingly common element on the facades of single-family houses, acting as a link between the living room and the garden. They allow a panoramic view and blur the division between the interior of the house and the landscape outside the window, and give a sense of unlimited space. The less visible the connection, the better the effect. Increasingly aesthetically pleasing solutions are made possible by advanced technologies. Aluminum is a modern material that fits perfectly into current trends of economic and ecological construction.

Spectacular panoramic glazing can be achieved with terrace doors based on the MB-SKYLINE Type R system. This is a modern system of large sliding doors, characterized by lightness and exceptional aesthetics. The sash is completely hidden in the bottom and top frames, and if you choose an actuator drive or locking on the mullion, it is also invisible on the sides. The visible width of the mullion is only 25 mm. Thus, the whole is almost a uniform sheet with delicate dividing lines. Doors made in this way give the building a unique style, perfectly fit in with the trends of luxury construction and thus raise the status of the entire investment. MB-SKYLINE Type R allows you to make wings up to 4 meters wide, which gives many possibilities to designers, says Bożena Ryszka, Aluprof's marketing and PR director.

MB-Skyline Type R can be equipped with remote-controlled actuators that will allow opening and closing with a remote control or smartphone. Windows and doors constructed on the basis of this system are made of modern insulating material with high thermal performance, wind load resistance and water resistance. Aluminum joinery for modern energy-efficient houses significantly reduces heat loss and at the same time allows maximum natural light to illuminate the interiors. In order to avoid excessive sunlight and heat in the rooms, it is enough to install blinds, which also have a positive effect on the thermal performance in the house. The future of construction is therefore green technology.

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Contemporary security

In addition to protecting the building from heat loss, aluminum windows also provide protection for the house against intruders. The offer of the manufacturer of aluminum systems includes a number of solutions that improve the security of buildings by increasing the resistance of buildings to burglary. Some of them provide the highest level of security in the range of this type of products available on the market. Burglar-proof window and door constructions are based on Aluprof system solutions, which use elements that increase resistance to outside interference.

Thanks to the use of resistant aluminum constructions together with burglar-proof glass, our windows constitute an obstacle difficult to overcome for unwanted visitors. There is also the possibility of using special anti-burglary elements and ferrules designed specifically for this type of construction. Our offer includes window systems in anti-burglary classes from RC1 to RC3, as well as MB-70RC4, which meets the requirements for burglary resistance in class RC4 - this is the only such safe window in Poland," adds Bożena Ryszka from Aluprof. - Burglar-proof structures are also possible as part of lift-and-slide terrace door solutions, mullion-transom walls and burglar-proof roller shutters.

An important feature of aluminum products is also the fact that in the event of a fire, aluminum systems will not catch fire, will not smoke and will not cause the spread of fire. Aluprof also offers special solutions for fire door, wall and facade systems, dedicated to rooms where there is a risk of fire ignition, as well as guaranteeing safe evacuation conditions for people in case of fire.

Solutions with a view to the future

Modern construction today must meet three main criteria. These are functionality, economy and interesting design. The expectations of investors and future residents are focused on obtaining the greatest possible comfort and convenience of use, and this can be ensured by properly selected and environmentally safe materials and automation integrated with them.

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Aluprof - one of the European leaders in the aluminum joinery industry is also a major innovator in this industry. This is confirmed by the received Cradle to Cradle certificate related to pioneering in the introduction of products with a positive impact on the environment. More information is available on the manufacturer's home page:

For more information, visit the company's ALUPROF SA page on the A&B portal.

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