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More than 100 pages of lighting inspiration in one place? AQForm presents its Light Book album

06 of May '21

The idea for the Light Book was born in the minds of AQForm designers just a few months ago, when they realized how many beautiful and functional spaces had been designed with the brand's lighting. They wanted to present these interiors in an additional, unusual way, but also to create an album that, above all, will inspire in the further work of architects and interior designers.

LIGHT BOOK catalog by AQForm

photo: © AQForm

Cooperation with architects and interior designers is crucial for AQForm for many reasons. First of all, it gives them the opportunity to jointly realize interesting projects from private ones such as apartments to larger commercial interiors - offices or restaurants. On the other hand, AQForm also gives its partners constant access to knowledge by organizing, among other things, webinars or trainings in its showroom near Krakow. These years of constantly developing relations between the two parties have resulted in the creation of a unique album.

Many tips and examples of realizations with AQForm luminaires can be found right in the Light Book. The publication also includes space for brand advice and tips on how to select lighting for specific spaces. All this is encircled with strictly selected projects in which light plays the main role.

Private apartment, Warsaw; design: MODOSO Interiors

Photo: Ola Dermont

That's not all! At the very end there are specially left a few blank pages for notes, ideas, observations and projects. The sketchbook is a place for any person who decides to dive into the world of architectural inspiration with the Light Book. We are limited only by our imagination.

How to get your copy of the Light Book from AQForm?

The Light Book is only available in print and, on top of that, in limited edition! If you want to get your copy - contact AQForm's region manager here and set up an appointment!

For more information, visit the company's AQForm Lighting Solutions page on the A&B portal.

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