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ARCHICAD 24 - work smarter, not harder

01 of February '21

Programs and applications for Architects - 2021 review

The powerful suite of built-in tools and user-friendly interface make Archicad the most effective and intuitive BIM software on the market. Ready-made settings and documentation creation to local standards, easy project sharing, photorealistic renderings and best-in-class model analysis features let you focus on designing great buildings.


With advanced collaboration and communication tools (such as BIMcloud), Archicad 24 connects the work of architects and engineers, enabling integrated design. An automatically generated analytical model of the structure, a variety of model control functions and seamless data exchange guarantee high quality designs, saving time and money.

Built-in installation modeling tools further extend the integrated design approach. MEP Modeler is now a core part of the software, and installation models can be designed directly in Archicad.

Creating custom BIM objects is also possible using visual programming through the PARAM-O add-in. No advanced knowledge of GDL programming is required for parametric modeling, from interior details to urban scale - so the options are endless!

Archicad, with its carefully designed icons and interface colors and macOS night mode, makes it easy to work in low-light conditions, and seamless and transparent information sharing builds trust among team members.

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The combination of Archicad's model and analysis tools enables effective design optimization. New methods of cooperation between architect and designer, such as continuous synchronization of the physical and analytical model, enable reduction of errors and shorten the execution time. Work is facilitated by automatic model comparison and real-time change detection and tracking.

A built-in energy estimation module allows you to assess the environmental impact of your projects and work with professional applications for analysis in this area.

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Archicad 24 and BIMcloud enable unlimited team collaboration on projects of any size and complexity, while change tracking and clear visualization of differences between models facilitate effective decision-making.

BIMcloud is now a centralized module for storing and sharing not only projects but also other files, providing secure access to them and minimizing the risk of data loss with advanced options for managing and tracking work.

Sharing, uploading and synchronizing changes, regardless of the location of team members, is fast and simple, and keeping the project up-to-date and consistent avoids errors and saves time. This also applies to documentation, which can be published and stored directly in BIMcloud thanks to a streamlined document creation process.

Open standards (use of IFC and BCF formats) and defined processes ensure smooth collaboration regardless of the software used by team members.

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Archicad 24 also allows the use of advanced programming languages, such as Python, to create scripts that automate work and provide access to information about elements, their properties, allowing unlimited modifications.

The exchange of Properties with Excel has also been upgraded, allowing better collaboration with external consultants, as well as ensuring accurate and high-quality management of information in the BIM model.

MERDEKA 118, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | FENDER KATSALIDIS |


Rapid creation of high-end visualizations is facilitated by new and updated surface finishes. More than 500 new definitions, including textures and realistic metal textures, result in stunning photorealistic renderings. Updated object libraries additionally provide a more modern look and better convey the atmosphere of the designed interior.

The new BIMx application engine makes it possible to present any size project on mobile devices and to use the full capabilities of the BIMx format, even on "ordinary" computers.

When working on a BIM project, high-end visualizations can also be created using the direct Archicad - Twinmotion connection. The easy model synchronization process speeds up work, facilitates informed design decisions and the preparation of attractive presentations for clients. What's more, Twinmotion 2020 is free for Archicad 24 users!

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