Boom Architekci

Boom Architekci is primarily more than 15 years of experience in design work and a rich track record of completed commercial, residential, office, industrial buildings and public and private interiors.

We have the technical and personnel potential to carry out multi-discipline projects, and the team of specialists we employ has the necessary knowledge and experience to guarantee professional and timely completion of assigned tasks. We are specialists in providing comprehensive services for the implementation of investments at all stages of the construction process. We design, advise and assist Investors in the field of architecture, construction and environmental engineering.

The main architects in the company are Krzysztof Tomczyk and Krzysztof Goszczyński who have extensive experience in designing and supervising the implementation of investments. The permanent design team includes architects Monika Obreda, Konrad Firyn, Dorota Sachajko.

The scope of services in the area of all specialties (architecture, construction, installation branches, supervision inspectors, experts, experts), depending on the needs of the Investor, may include:

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