mode:lina™ was created in Poznań in 2009 by Paweł Garus and Jerzy Wozniak. The partners were previously part of the Liong Lie/123DV studio in Rotterdam. The mode:lina™ studio's projects receive considerable attention from Polish and foreign media. The architects have more than 200 publications in magazines from all over the world.

mode:lina™ team:
Paweł Garus, magister inżynier architekt (architect & partner)
Jerzy Woźniak, magister inżynier architekt (architect & partner)
Kinga Kin, Master of Arts (designer)
Anna Kazecka, magister inżynier architekt (designer)
Natalia Wasicionek, magister inżynier architekt (designer)
Marta Wójcik, magister inżynier architekt (designer)
Joanna Lenart, master of arts (designer)
Patryk Lewinski, office & PR manager

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