House hiding a unique garage under a green knoll

11 of April '23

The Hilltop House project by mode:lina studio was created for investors who wanted to combine their love of mountains, winter sports, cars and the search for original architectural solutions. Standing adjacent to the forest, the modern barn is wrapped on three sides by a green hilltop.

Garaż na trzy samochody

Garage for three cars

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

A project born from passion

The owners' passion for automobiles is expressed, among other things, in tuning. Thus, one of the many design guidelines was a garage for 3 cars with a car jack. The realization of this request was combined with an architectural suggestion of a mountainous landscape. The result was a green hill covering the extensive garage, the technical parts of the house and the office. At the top of the green hill, in turn, stood the master bedroom designed in the form of a small mountain hut, from which one can directly access the slope.

Zielony pagórek skrywa garaż, części techniczne i biuro

The green hill hides the garage, technical parts and office

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

Dialogue with the environment

Designers Pawel Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk, combined simple geometric forms with natural materials such as wood and concrete, placing the building in a lively dialogue with the surrounding greenery. Wooden elements are interspersed here with dark sheet metal and large glazed surfaces that let in plenty of light.

Wnętrze jest jasne dzięki dużym przeszkleniom

The interior is bright thanks to large glazing

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

- The concept of the house is not only an example of unusual architecture, but also a confirmation that a house can be at the same time a place that fulfills dreams and passions, as well as a functional and comfortable place to live-  says Paweł Garus, chief designer of the house and co-founder of the mode:lina studio.

Kuchnia w ciemnych odcieniach

Kitchen in dark shades

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

Light and nature

The bright, spacious rooms of the house are very well lit. The high bevelled walls and the mezzanine overlooking the living room add space and breath. With the limited yet organic color palette used for the interior design, the natural light and sunspots on the concrete floors become a unique detail that creates the atmosphere of the place. The living room is dominated by wooden and concrete elements, which add elegance and raw character to the interior.

Drewniane schody Schody na górę

Wooden staircase

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

The entire interior was filled with a play of bright neutral colors, combined with natural wood in the form of vertical panels climbing the walls and light stairs leading to the floor. In turn, the muted grays used in the rooms create the perfect background for tranquility and relaxation. A harmonious complement to the interior is a garden with a forest pouring into the living room through large windows.

Sypialnia w formie górskiej chatki Łazienka w bieli i czerni

Bedroom and bathroom

Photo by Patryk Lewiński

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