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AURORA, or sky observation in northern Norway. Observation and educational complex

Dobrawa Bies
07 of December '20

AURORA is a project for an observation and education complex with accommodation in Lofoten by Mateusz Wojtanek. The graduate of the Cracow University of Technology created a monolith growing out of Norwegian rocks, allowing observation of the sky, the picturesque landscape and the magical phenomenon of the aurora borealis.

The main idea that Mateusz Wojtanek followed during the design process was to create a place where tourists will be able to observe and admire the sky and the landscape of the picturesque Lofoten Islands with delight, and above all to see the amazing and magical phenomenon of the aurora borealis. In addition, the author wanted guests weary of hiking to be able to relax in hotel rooms located overlooking the picturesque nature. The project is a master's thesis prepared under the guidance of Dr. Rafal Zawisza and assistant supervisor Dr. Lucas Olma.

Ośrodek edukacyjno-obserwacyjny w Norwegii

Visitors to the resort can observe the aurora borealis

© Mateusz Wojtanek

monolith in Norway

Designed by a young architect, the building looks like a massive concrete monolith rising straight out of the high Norwegian rocks. Located almost seventy meters above sea level, it consists entirely of a reinforced concrete structure. The tower built on the grounds, on the other hand, gives the impression of being suspended above the heads of visitors.

Plan sytuacyjny ośrodka w Norwegii

The center consists of an observation and education complex, an observation tower and lodging houses

© Mateusz Wojtanek

Within the facility there is an educational path with information about sky and aurora observation, leading directly to the tower. The first area of the building is a hollowed-out rock entrance area. Walking along it, visitors have an auditorium and conference spaces. The visit is made more pleasant by a cafe and lounge spaces.

Przekrój poziomu +2, AURORA

The educational and observation section of the more than 20-meter-high observation tower

© Mateusz Wojtanek

At the end of the tunnel are cable cars that take visitors to a lobby located at the top of the building. From the lobby level, visitors can access two areas of the complex. The first is an educational and observation area with an observation tower more than 20 meters high, and the second is a hotel area with a restaurant. In addition, there are cultural spaces, conference rooms and a multipurpose hall.

Obiekty ośrodka w Norwegii

There are viewing terraces on the roofs of the buildings

© Mateusz Wojtanek

accommodation in Lofoten

Leaving the building, guests can start hiking through the grounds and reach the concrete cubic accommodation cottages located around the complex. While trekking, they can admire the picturesque mountain pond over which the restaurant is overhung. Walking higher on the green grass, they reach the viewing terraces on the facility's rooftops, which offer views of the beautiful Lofoten landscape, sky-high star shows and the multicolored, unique aurora borealis.

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