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Smart Home Grenton - one to rule them all! Central control of various systems

20 of December '20

Modern electrical installation standard and management of smart home systems

Until recently, we associated the smart home with a distant vision from books or science-fiction movies. Recent surveys indicate that more than 70% of investors are not only aware of these solutions, but are also considering having a Smart Home system in their properties. There are a lot of incompatible solutions on the market. If we want to create a smart home system, are we condemned to the solutions of one manufacturer? Such an offer is not always complete. The company Grenton Sp. z o.o. decided to solve the problem of integrating system solutions offered by different companies and effectively centralize their management. The fruit of the company's work is the Grenton Smart Home system.

better home

better home technology


Many systems - one control

Houses built today already have automation solutions to ensure the comfort and safety of residents. Controllers for roller shutters, controllers for heating or ventilation are already encountered in almost every investment. The problem arises when we want to manage them effectively. Each manufacturer offers its own controllers and applications, but each works separately and only with the devices of a particular manufacturer. It is the need to integrate a number of devices manufactured by different companies and to manage them effectively that contributed to the creation and development of the Smart Home Grenton system.

Smart Home Grenton - basic types of supported Smart Home systems

  • Lighting, including setting the power and color of light
  • heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • gates, alarm systems, intercoms
  • blinds, shutters and awnings
  • photovoltaics.

Smart Home Grenton - support for additional systems

  • Audio systems
  • Home theater
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Garden systems

Smart Home Grenton - manual and automated control.

The system is not only able to turn off and on devices from different manufacturers from a single control application, control panel or traditional button. It can also manage them according to a scenario tailored to the individual tastes or needs of the residents. Thus, for example, when leaving home, with one button we can turn off the lights in the entire house, close the blinds, arm the alarm or lower the temperature for the duration of our absence.

One command center - the app or Grenton Smart Panel

Thanks to Grenton, we do not need to use multiple radio controllers (so-called remote controls), programmers or separate applications. The system allows us to control devices in the house both locally and remotely using a single mobile application. In addition, it allows us to replace the controllers standardly installed in homes with a single Grenton Smart Panel control panel.

better home

better home technology


Implementing a Grenton Smart Home system - design cooperation

The basis for the proper operation of a Smart Home system is the correct execution of the electrical installation and the selection of devices we will control. Grenton recommends using the company's installation services and contacting a representative or authorized dealer of the Smart Home Grenton system in the initial phase of the investment. This will allow you to determine the correct scope of work and coordinate the project work. Grenton can also prepare the necessary guidelines for the preparation of the electrical installation.

For more information, visit the company's Grenton Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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