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mSun+ facade blinds. Functional modernity and the atmosphere of tomorrow

29 of April '20

Facade blinds mSun+
From the series "Window and door trends 2020"

mSun+ fac ade blinds are designed to ensure the right level of sunlight in interiors, both in summer and winter. They make it possible to manage the amount of light entering the rooms according to individual needs, take care of thermal comfort, and protect our privacy. Blinds mSun+ can become an element of your smart home.

The mSun+ facade blinds are:

  • reliable protection from the sun
  • eco-efficiency that reduces energy costs
  • effective shading
  • optimal temperature distribution
  • intuitive and modern control
  • proven premium quality

Sun under control and harmony of light

Today's fashionable large glazings create an interface that connects the home to the outside world, but without proper sun protection they will not provide ideal comfort in your home. The mSun+ facade blinds allow precise control of the sunlight and provide optimal and natural light at all times. At any time of day taking care of the climate in the room - pleasant coolness during the summer heat and cozy warmth in winter.

żaluzje zapewniają
optymalne światło o każdej porze dnia

Blinds provide optimal light at any time of day

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Quality without compromise. Awareness and trust

The basic material for our facade blinds is top-grade aluminum, corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable. The high color and gloss retention, as well as the excellent stability of the lamellas and weather resistance, mean safety and enjoyment of your investment. Drives from SOMFY, the world leader in home automation, put our facade blinds among the group of durable and faultless products. All our facade blinds come with a 3-year warranty.

żaluzja fasadowa

Facade blind C-80

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Champion of versatility - facade blind C-80

Made of the highest quality aluminum sheet, coated with polyester varnish, providing above-average resistance to weather conditions and color fastness. The lamellas are 80 mm wide and shaped like the letter C. Each lamella has turned-up edges, increasing rigidity and allowing safe use of C-80 facade blinds on surfaces up to 4 meters wide. Ask our expert for details: or

żaluzja fasadowa

Z-90 facade blind

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Master of shading - facade blind Z-90

Top-grade aluminum, lacquered with polyester paints, provides unparalleled weather resistance and color fastness. The lamellas are 90 mm wide and shaped like the letter Z. The curved edges and innovative profile of the slats, provide excellent rigidity and allow the Z-90 facade blinds to be used safely on extensive surfaces, even 4.5 meters wide. Visit our social profiles and ask for details: Facebook and Instagram

Blind control. Conventional freedom

In our wide range of products, we have many types of wall switches that allow both individual and group control. In addition, the switches can be successfully combined with a timer that allows you to create personalized scenarios, as well as with wind and sun sensors, which will ensure safety and additional comfort during use.

sterowanie żaluzjami
za pomocą pilota

Controlling blinds with a remote control

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Radio control. Convenience and functionality

A wide range of remote controls with modern design and their wide functionality, will allow intuitive and comprehensive control and make operation a pleasure. Available remotes have functions for individual, group or central control, programming of places, scenes and scenarios, triggered at a specific time, and with a range of available receivers allow integration and control of many other devices.

Smart Home. Innovative ergonomics

Forget about constantly going to the switch or searching for the remote control. Smart control allows you to manage your mSun+ facade blinds, as well as the entire home automation group. You can do it from anywhere in the world and at any time. Use your computer, tablet or smartphone for control.

Ask an expert for details: or Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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