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Viega Prevista concealed installation system

03 of December '21

Viega Prevista is a new generation of flush-mounted system, which is characterized by extremely fast and simple installation and provides great freedom in bathroom design.

Przycisk Visign for
More 202 z oryginalnym pokrętłem z oświetleniem LED

Visign for More 202 push button with original knob with LED lighting


We install the components in yellow without using any tools. The Prevista Dry frame allows for a height adjustment of 6 cm. Thus, already after installation, you can adjust the height of the position of the bowl to individual preferences. Frames with a standard height of 1120 mm are equipped with an identical cistern, which can be combined with all new Visign buttons . A wide range of pushbuttons designed by the renowned ARTEFAKT design studio makes it possible to select the optimal design, color and material for any arrangement. The offer also includes models from the Visign for Style and Visign for More series in the currently fashionable shade of matte black. A unique solution on the market is the Visign for More 202 model , where the classic button has been replaced by a striking knob with LED lighting.

System podtynkowy Viega
Prevista oferuje szeroki wybór przycisków uruchamiających Visign

The Viega Prevista concealed system offers a wide selection of Visign push buttons


Advantix Vario linear drain

The Advantix Vario drain is one of the most popular products in this category on the market, valued by customers and designers for its minimalist design and exceptional installation flexibility. In both floor and wall versions, it can be cut to any size between 300 and 1200 mm. This allows the drainage to be very precisely tailored to the specific shower area. Thanks to an installation depth of just 25 mm, the wall drain can be easily installed even in a masonry wall.

Odpływ ścienny
Advantix Vario

Advantix Vario wall drain


AdvantixVario floor drains can be combined with each other to design striking long drains, or laid in corners or in a "U" shape. The elegant stainless steel grate is available in 4 versions: brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, black and white, making it a perfect match with any bathroom design. Both versions of the Advantix Vario drain (floor and wall) are also offered in a renovation version with a reduced installation height.

Odpływ podłogowy
Advantix Vario

Advantix Vario floor drain


Advantix Cleviva shower drain

Advantix Cleviva combines the unique design possibilities of a linear drain with the practical advantages of a point drain. Water is channeled in a narrow stainless steel profile into a central drain with a pre-installed sealing mat. This makes the installation of the body and integration with the thin-film seal safer and more efficient. The range includes profiles in 800, 1000 and 1200 mm lengths (they can be cut to the desired length, but not less than 300 mm). The Advantix Cleviva drain is available in 2 variants: standard with an installation height of 95-155 mm and low - for renovated bathrooms (from 70 mm). There is also a choice of various profile colors: brushed stainless steel, brushed black, brushed gold, brushed champagne and brushed gold copper. This allows you to perfectly match the shade of the drain with other bathroom fittings.

Odpływ podłogowy
Advantix Cleviva

Advantix Cleviva floor drain


For more information, visit the company's VIEGA page on the PdA portal.

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