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DPS stretch ceilings in modern interiors

19 of October '20

DPS Group is a Polish manufacturer of ceilings, walls and lighting based on stretch membranes. During 25 years of operation, we have become one of the most reputable brands in the world, and our ceilings decorate public and private interiors in many countries around the world.


  • DPS® stretch ceiling is a modern and functional solution for public, commercial and private spaces.
  • Our materials allow you to obtain flat, corrugated, broken and 3D surfaces in many textures and colors to choose from
  • DPS Transparent Series membranes allow you to create ceilings and walls of light, with or without printing.
  • Our materials are waterproof and moisture-resistant
  • Solutions from the DPS Fonosorber series give you the opportunity to soundproof your room
  • DPS Biopruf membranes guarantee enhanced sterility
  • A stretch ceiling doesn't crack and doesn't need to be painted
  • Installation of the stretch plane is fast and does not generate dirt in the room
  • Certifications guarantee high product safety.

Sufity akustyczne
odporne na wilgoć © DPS® sufity napinane

Moisture resistant acoustic ceilings

© DPS® stretch ceilings


Our offer also includes a wide range of light panels. We manufacture them to individual order, allowing you to choose the size, finish or color of the light. Thanks to the use of stretch membrane, our lamps are lighter and safer than traditional glass or plexiglass-based solutions.


DPS Mirror panels are made of thin film and have a higher degree of reflection than mirrors made of glass or plexiglass. DPS mir rors are lightweight and safe, applicable to any space.


ICE Krakow Congress Centre (Krakow), Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel (Warsaw), John Paul II Family House (Wadowice), Suntago Wodny Świat (Mszczonów), Manggha Museum (Krakow), Ferrari and Maserati showrooms (Warsaw, Katowice), Radisson Blue Resort Hotel (Swinoujscie) and many others.

Niestandardowe rozwiązania
aranżacji © DPS® sufity napinane

Custom arrangement solutions

© DPS® stretch ceilings


We have a wide network of partners in Poland and abroad. Clients are guaranteed delivery of high quality product and professional installation. For distributors and architects we provide training, consultation and extensive technical support at every stage of the project. We invite you to cooperation!

For more information visit the company's Grupa DPS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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