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Chyzbet - concrete once and for all

10 of December '23

We associate concrete with gray and blandness. Quite wrongly, because it is a material that we can customize in fascinating ways, as shown by Chyżbet's colorful products. The artistry of designers, who have the ability to take care of the right form and choice of colors, is also becoming increasingly important. It is on the basis of these two criteria that we have presented Chyzbet's groundbreaking proposals. What can be found in the company's product offerings and why is it worth disenchanting the thinking about concrete products?

Although the fashionable tones of paving are currently dominated mainly by shades of gray and black, it is invariably the case that well-chosen paving colors can harmonize with both modern and traditional architecture.

Via Strada pastello

Via Strada pastello


Among other products, Chyzbet Group offers a carefully developed set of nine washed colors and eight colormixes, whose palette is based on natural stone tones. The colormix colors harmonize with other collections, providing a basis for developing interesting compositions and striking color combinations.

Granit płukany biały

White washed granite


Flushed colors are strong, beautiful and unusual colors. Pavers in this palette have a rich, slightly rough texture composed of carefully selected natural aggregates, including granite, basalt, marble, porphyry. The addition of fine lustrous grit gives, as in natural stone, a subtle sheen, particularly well visible under the sun. Washed pavers are characterized by resistance to abrasion, durability of color and structure," explains Tomasz Wójtowicz, chief designer and marketing manager at Chyżbet Group.

It should be remembered that in order to achieve the evenly saturated color combination seen in the photos, the paving blocks should be carefully mixed, laying them from several different palettes.

Akropolis płukany czarny

Akropolis washed black


A brand with character

Chyżbet Group Sp. z o.o. builds on the long-standing achievements and accomplishments of P.P.U.H. Chyżbet Jan Łyś. For more than 30 years of operation, it has developed an effective decision-making model based on experience and analysis of market needs. Since 2005, it has expanded its operations to Slovakia as Chyžbet SK, s.r.o. It specializes in the creation of high-quality paving blocks, exclusive wetcast slabs, various types of palisades, road infrastructure elements, innovative concrete facade slabs and sewer manhole systems.

Palisada Cios Skalny

Palisade Cios Rock


The company currently employs about 300 people in Poland and Slovakia, with a fleet of 50 trucks equipped with HDS. It has 6 production lines for smaller vibro-pressed elements and one line each for the production of tall palisades, sewer wells and insulation coating.

Keen to maintain a high standard of service, the company offers consulting support and design assistance to customers, adapting to individual needs. Chyzbet is constantly expanding its circle of customers, adhering to the proven principle: "Once and for all!".

Granit kasztan

Chestnut granite


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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