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Granite - A wonderful material with many uses

10 of December '23

Discover the Countless Possibilities of Granite

From pavers to granite blocks and slabs, from polished tiles to curbs and resistors - you can find all this and even more in the offer of the store. The wide range of available granite products is just one of the many benefits we offer.

Kostka granitowa cięto-łupana, różne kolory

Split granite pavers, various colors


We ensure the highest quality of our products and a flexible approach to the needs of customers and architects. Our offer includes both granite from Poland and imported granite. In addition, we have our own granite quartz mine, located in Kostrza near Strzegom, which guarantees us constant access to the raw material - Strzegom granite. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product range and the characteristics of this unique material - natural granite.

Stopnice granitowe w obiekcie biurowym

Granite steps in an office building


Portfolio of Our Products

Our main goal is to provide a variety of granite products. We offer various types of granite pavers - both cut, sawn and split. We have a wide range of terrace and sidewalk slabs in various formats and finishes, flamed, brushed, polished, honed. Our offer is complemented by finished steps, curbs, resistors, masonry stone, palisades and granite edging, as well as garden stone and stone aggregate. We also sell whole granite slabs and carry out individual orders. The large number of colors, patterns and types of surface finish of each product allows you to perfectly match a specific project.

Stopnie blokowe granitowe na dziedzińcu

Granite block steps in the courtyard


Granite as a Finishing Material

Interest in durable, high-quality materials continues to grow. Many builders are looking for solutions that will serve them for many years, and ideally, be everlasting. Natural materials meet these expectations, so granite is widely used, both in residential developments and public buildings. Granite products are ideal for finishing surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, internal roads, paths and alleys. Granite makes it easy to arrange the garden, providing landscaping elements. It is also used in interiors, perfectly matching different surfaces, and as a finish for stairs and window sills. These diverse applications are made possible by the qualities that distinguish granite.

Płyty chodnikowe z granitu strzegomskiego

Strzegom granite paving slabs


Properties of Granite

Granite is a natural stone with an attractive appearance and excellent mechanical properties. It is hard, practically does not abrade, does not crack or crumble under weight. Therefore, granite products are an excellent solution for high-traffic areas, such as public facilities. Granite also copes well with heavy vehicular traffic, even heavy vehicles, and has excellent weather resistance.

Płytki polerowane granitowe w obiekcie biurowy

Polished granite tiles in an office facility


We encourage cooperation with contractors, designers and architects, offering attractive discounts and professional advice.

Wejście do restauracji ze stopni blokowych granitowych

Entrance to the restaurant with granite block steps


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