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Radex Modern collection - wood for years!

05 of December '22

Nowadays, there is no single interior design style that dominates "living rooms". As a result, each of us can choose the right style, according to our own aesthetics and tastes, both at home and in office or commercial spaces. Each style differs in the choice of colors, textures, accessories. However, whether you choose a modern, Scandinavian, loft, rustic or other style, wood will always be a fitting material.

Wood is a timeless, versatile raw material that, depending on its form and use, can decorate a room on its own or be a complementary addition to the overall look. It is often used for utilitarian forms, which requires maintenance and is often combined with the threat of warping or cracking.

Thus, the ideal solution is veneer, which is a natural layer, made of thin sheets of wood. It is a noble veneer extracted from natural wood by slicing the tree trunk into thin strips. It has a wide range of applications in furniture making or flooring production. RADEX, on the other hand, decided to use veneer in the production of interior doors, thus obtaining an exceptional Modern collection with a wide range of applications and high quality.

Drzwi Modern Świerk Stary, model: Modern 07/H, szklenie: Dark Gray

Modern Spruce Old door, model: Modern 07/H, glazing: Dark Gray


RADEX Modern Collection

Modern doors are available in classic and rustic versions - Modern Rustic , in seven colors extracted from oak, ash and spruce. A hit in recent years, the "barn door" from the RADEX Modern Rustic collection is the perfect solution for loft, vintage or folk-style interiors. You can also choose from a whole range of accessories in black, silver and brass tones, which allow you to customize the door to suit your own interior. Traditional adjustable doorframes, sliding systems, or very popular recently, covered doorframes give a lot of possibilities to use Modern doors, whether in a home, office, restaurant, hotel or other commercial space. In addition, in the classic version, we can choose solid and glazed doors. And here another multiplicity of solutions opens up to us, as glazing is available in nine color versions, not to mention the multitude of their arrangements.

Drzwi Modern Rustic Dąb Bronze, model: Modern Rustic XX, system przesuwny: REA

Modern Rustic Oak Bronze doors, model: Modern Rustic XX, sliding system: REA


The RADEX Modern collection is aninnovative interior door that will transform any room into a designer interior regardless of the dominant style of the room. The highest quality natural veneer brings out the beauty of wood, eliminating the most troublesome defects of solid material. Clearly visible wood grains and structure, unique patterns and timeless colors make Modern doors premium products - natural and ecological. Since the veneer used is nothing more than a tree trunk, each piece of the same species has a unique wood grain and may differ slightly in shade. This is the power of this collection, its simultaneous uniqueness and versatility. An exceptional door for exceptional interiors.

Drzwi Modern Świerk Stary, model: Modern 10/V, szklenie: Dark Gray

Modern Spruce Old doors, model: Modern 10/V, glazing: Dark Gray


Radex Modern - nature, design, perfection in your interior.

Check out doors from the RADEX Modern and RADEX Modern Rustic Collections at

For more information, visit the company's RADEX POLAND Sp. z o.o. Sp. K page on the PdA portal.

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