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Pavement concretes with exposed aggregate

01 of November '19

CEMEX is a well-known and respected producer of cement, aggregates and ready-mixed concrete. In addition to standard structural concretes, the company offers unusual DECO STONE decorative concretes.

DECO STONE are surface concretes with exposed aggregate. They are also sometimes referred to as washed concretes, due to the technology of their manufacture.


DECO STONE can be designed in a wide range of colors and textures. To choose - the color of the concrete matrix - from natural gray to the color obtained through the use of pigments. Another element that determines the appearance is the type and fraction of aggregate - natural fine- or coarse-grained gravels or broken aggregates with a fixed color scheme, such as light gray granites, black basalts or dark Devonian dolomites. The final factor determining the appearance of the pavement is the depth of washout - there are several variations that can be used depending on the fraction of aggregate used.


DECO STONE products are pavement concretes of strength class C30/37 and exposure class XF3 or XF4, that is, fully resistant to frost, as well as to de-icing agents.

They are not overgrown with greenery and are easy to keep clean. They are made using monolithic technology, that is, they are poured directly on site. Expansion joints are necessary, which can be achieved either by proper planning of working fields or by cutting the expansion joints with a concrete saw. Instead of cut expansion joints, lines can be made from small-size elements, such as stone or pavers.


Concrete mixtures on offer from CEMEX:

  • DECO STONE GRAVA with gravel aggregate;
  • DECO STONE SEMOLA with crushed aggregate;
  • fine texture up to 8 mm, coarse texture up to 16 mm;
  • micro leaching, shallow leaching, deep leaching.

DECO STONE concretes can come in gray color or in shades obtained by using white, yellow, red or black pigments. It is also possible to use other pigments - depending on the desired effect.


CEMEX specialists provide full support in the design of DECO STONE concrete pavement, from the development of the visual pattern to the planning of cross sections, expansion joints and finishing details.

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