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All-glass corners from Yawal - a striking facade finish

09 of January '21

Modern architecture is based on simple and minimalist blocks devoid of traditional ornaments. For this reason, it is the window and door joinery with large-size glazing that is the most important and impressive decoration of their facades. Among the various types of windows, corner solutions deserve special attention. They not only guarantee practically unlimited access to sunlight, but also give lightness to the body of the building, not to mention the extremely spectacular appearance of this type of construction.

Windows with corner profile, so-called mullion


Mostly corner solutions are installed in living rooms or kitchens, optically enlarging their space and influencing the way the interior is arranged. However, more and more often we can meet them also in bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms. They certainly give an original look and allow to achieve the effect of panoramic walls, especially in the case of corner terrace windows.

Types of corner solutions

Depending on the effect that the investor wants to achieve, we can deal with windows with a corner profile, the so-called mullion, or corner windows, which are joined at an angle of 90o on the principle of glass to glass with a specialized silicone. The latter solution looks extremely impressive precisely because of the absence of any visible aluminum element connecting the glazing packages in the corner. Constructions of this type can be made on the basis of window and door systems TM 102HI andTM 77HI, sliding systems DP 180 iMoreview and facade systems FA 50N andFA 50N SL found in the offer of Yawal S.A.

TM 77HI and TM 102HI window and door systems


An interesting and remarkable option is also the possibility to make an all-glass corner joined at any angle based on the Moreview system. Corners joined on a glass-to-glazing basis belong to non-open structures. Yawal systems also allow the design of openable corners equipped with a movable mullion, thanks to which, for example, the "opening wall" effect is obtained.

Regardless of the type of corner solution chosen, it should be remembered that such structures must be properly planned already at the architectural design stage. This involves additional requirements for the lintel or, for example, proper reinforcement of the ceiling. Moreover, they are more exposed to weather conditions, so it is worth betting on durable structures made of aluminum characterized by very good thermal insulation properties, which Yawal offers.

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