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Corten and architectural concrete, or modern single-family home

10 of September '20
Technical data
Name: K02 house
Client: private
Location: Poland, Rąbień
Project: MOOMOO GROUP s.c. Jakub Majewski Łukasz Pastuszka
Usable area: 490 m²
Building area: 521 m²
Plot area: 0.6 ha
Project: 2020

Perpendicular solids, corten and an over six-meter-high overhang above the terrace are the hallmarks of the K02 house designed by architects from the MOOMOO studio. The interiors, on the other hand, are not just a set of rooms connected by corridors, but spaces for displaying the art that the investors collect.

TheK02 house was designed on several view axes that open up to the surroundings , so that homebuyers moving through the house look out onto semi-open patios with garden architecture and surrounding trees in the background. Such an assumption is closely related to the form of the building created from cuboidal blocks. The upper body of the house was finished in corten with irregularly divided panels, fitting in with the rhythm of the trees growing on the plot.

Elewacja budynku K02

The house was designed with several view axes opening to the surroundings


The building can be explored gradually - from the designed driveway area and the covered entrance to the plot, through the overhang above the entrance, the interior hall open to the tree-lined patio, then the two-story living room with a concrete wall, to the terrace located under the overhanging block of the first floor, which extends several meters. In the overhang above the terrace is the master bedroom with one of the walls fully glazed. In the interiors, the architects created many spaces for displaying the art that the investors collect. As a result, the house is not just a set of rooms connected by narrow corridors, but takes the form of an art gallery.

Nadwieszenie nad

The six-meter overhang above the terrace


Dobrawa Bies: What was the main inspiration for the project, what is the shape of the block derived from?

Michal Jarzyna: The building has clearly divided zones - on the first floor there is a garage-technical area and a living area with a spa, and the first floor is the sleeping area. Each of these three parts is housed in a separate block. At the intersection of the perpendicular blocks of the first floor and the first floor is a two-story living room.

Dobrawa Bies: What was your priority in this project?

Michal Jarzyna: The most important thing was to achieve a simple form of the building, without unnecessarily fleshing out the facade with a kind of wow effect. The three-meter overhang over the entrance area is a kind of introduction, to the over six-meter overhang over the terrace. The size of the upper body of the building and the fact that there is no additional support at the terrace is very impressive. In addition, just behind this, there is a two-story open living room, so being in this building, many people wonder how this overhang is possible.

atrium z drzewem

semi-open patio


Dobrawa Bies: What were the investors' expectations?

Michal Jarzyna: The investors wanted a house with out-of-the-box solutions that introduce space into the interior. That's why we were able to move away from the typical pattern of minimizing circulation spaces in favor of daytime spaces. Upon entering the house, we have a large entrance hall with a wide opening to the patio. A galleried passageway over the high living room leads to the master bedroom in the overhanging terrace. Combined with paintings and high-end lighting, it creates the feeling of being in a gallery.

Dobrawa Bies: What posed the greatest design difficulties, and what are you most satisfied with?

Michal Jarzyna: It was difficult to combine structural considerations with the architectural concept. The rawness of the building achieved by using corten and poured concrete creates an atmosphere that requires courage on the part of the investor, but makes a very good impression.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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