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Combining excellent functionality with design

27 of November '22

Fixtures play a key role in our daily lives. With Damix, it becomes possible to combine excellent functionality with design, materials and colors that reflect the style and mood you want to create in your home. Design is in our Danish DNA.

Danish design

We follow in the footsteps of famous Danish designers and give special care and attention to everyday objects. We understand that the choice of designs, colors and materials you make determines your personal style. Therefore, in Damix's range of flush-mounted fixtures you will find the most distinctive colors and modern coatings. Classic chrome, which remains always relevant. Stylish steel or elegant matte black. Polished or brushed brass and brushed copper. The whole is complemented by durable and robust coatings that are easy to clean and do not lose their freshness for many years.

Our extensive collection of bathroom accessoriesranges from towel hooks to rails, in exactly the same colors and coatings as the faucets and showers. This will ensure that your bathroom remains consistent in every detail.

Damixa – bateria umywalkowa Silhouet mała, słuchawka i wąż prysznicowy, akcesoria matowa biel

Damixa - Silhouet small sink faucet, handset and shower hose, accessories matte white


Silhouet. Sleek. Scandinavian. Attractive.

The minimalist expression of Silhouet is elegant simplicity and clarity. We have removed all unnecessary details, so it is the proportions that create the design of the series. With excellent functionality and elegant, clean lines, Silhouet fits naturally into contemporary and future interiors. The design fills the space, blending into it.

You can choose Silhouet for both the kitchen and the bathroom, creating a common theme in your home in a style that suits you. The Silhouet series includes faucets with classic spray and water temperature control, touchless solutions, as well as a surface-mounted shower system and a full range of bathroom accessories. Silhouet is available in seven beautiful colors: chrome, steel, matte white, matte black, polished brass, brushed brass and brushed copper.

Damixa – zestaw prysznicowy podtynkowy Silhouet HS1, szczotkowany mosiądz

Damixa - Silhouet HS1 concealed shower set, brushed brass


Mixer colors

In the world of fixtures, chrome is the equivalent of a white shirt or "little black". It is stylish, timeless and thoroughly classic. A material that brings design to the forefront and fits naturally into any interior, from industrial kitchens to the Scandinavian countryside. Thechrome surface is both durable and easy to maintain.

White is the color that symbolizes beginnings. White faucets are a stylish innovation, and their color works well in uncomplicated interior designs. It's the perfect complement to a bright kitchen or bathroom. It's a beautiful contrast with colored surfaces. The silky matte surface is pleasing to the touch, durable, and surprisingly easy to clean and keep pristine white.

For generations, stainless steel has been associated with professional kitchens and saunas, where the appearance of materials takes on character with use. Elegant steel elements have long been hosted in homes. The material blends well with the casual Nordic style, whose utility design is both functional and attractive in appearance.

Matte black is stylish, minimalist and elegant. It has a subdued character that adds a touch of luxury to all interiors, from austere city kitchens to atmospheric spa salon baths. The matte black finish holds its color for years. The durable surface is easy to clean and does not show dirt or fingerprints.

Damixa – bateria wolnostojąca wannowa ze słuchawką prysznicową, chrom

Damixa - free-standing bathtub faucet with shower handset, chrome


Polished and brushed brass is great for adding character, being both a choice that exudes personality and emphasizes an approach to life. It can blend in naturally with its surroundings, while adding an extra dimension to interiors. Its look can be both warm and cozy or cool and urban. A special PVD coating provides resistance to scratches and discoloration.

Copper is a material we know well from the beautiful copper boilers in breweries, the pans used in court kitchens and the taps in trendy cafes and restaurants. Copper goes with everything: both for austere industrial interiors and warmer urban-style finishes. It is extravagant and casual. This choice attracts attention.

Damixa – zestaw prysznicowy podtynkowy Silhouet HS1; bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa Merkur matowa czerń

Damixa - Silhouet HS1 concealed shower set; Merkur matte black concealed sink faucet.


Beauty comes from within

The bathroom is your home oasis. This is where your day begins and ends and where you recharge your energy. At Damixa, taking inspiration from designer hotels and spas, we have created concealed solutions and products that make your bathroom a place of relaxation. Simple and clean, but not clinical, as it should match the rest of the pleasant materials and beautiful colors in your environment. With the flush-mounted shower and sink fixtures, you hide all the unnecessary elements from view. This creates a wonderful feeling of rest and relaxation - a little luxury in your daily life.

Damixa – bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa Merkur, szczotkowana miedź

Damixa - Merkur concealed basin mixer, brushed copper


For more information, visit the company's DAMIXA page on the PdA portal.

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