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Designer lighting to influence human well-being

14 of December '20

Zaho lighting was born out of a fascination with light and its impact on the quality of life. For us, lighting fixtures are not only about construction and design, but most importantly about the quality of light, which affects human well-being.

All products are designed and manufactured in a factory in Poland. We use electronic components and LEDs from the world's best manufacturers. The supply chain of components consists only of qualified suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for years. We study and test product prototypes in the laboratory before they are included in our permanent offer. With our own factory serving our group of companies, we have control over the entire production process.

Speaker © ZAHO



Many years of experience in the investment market allows us to support the investor and architect in the implementation of the project from the selection of luminaires, through calculations, to the supervision of the implementation of the concept with the contractor. During the design of the investment, we remain fully at the architect's disposal for ongoing optimization of the project in terms of lighting parameters and energy savings.


Galaxy family of luminaires will be the right choice for those who are looking for original solutions. The modern form attracts attention: three round light sources form a slight arc, becoming a kind of interior decoration. Using several lamps, you can easily create a luminous composition in a selected room.


Speaker luminaire is a unique model, the greatest advantage of which is its originality. The form inspired by loudspeakers does not overwhelm the interior, instead it becomes an interesting design element. The lamp casts atmospheric light and creates a unique mood in the interior. It is a great choice for fans of modernity.


The Caps family of fixtures is sure to appeal to the tastes of those who appreciate minimalism. It is available in several sizes, which gives the possibility to combine it into interesting compositions. This kind of lighting will undoubtedly add an uncommon character to the interior.





Piks is a lighting proposal that captivates with its simplicity. The use of the circle motif works perfectly in the design of ceiling lamps. This luminaire will not only adequately illuminate the room, but will also fit into the accepted style.


Drop is an innovative lamp that illuminates a room in an unobtrusive way. Embedded in a simple frame, the light source perfectly fulfills its function. The minimalist design adapts to any interior. Stylish colors add chicness and create a cohesive arrangement with other elements.

For more information, visit the company's Zaho Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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