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Modern lighting for offices, stores and shopping malls, residential buildings, hotels and sports facilities

14 of December '20

Lighting - design and technology

Every interior is someone's vision. What to do to make the lighting perfectly harmonize with it, while meeting the standards and requirements of the investor? This is a task for specialists who will take care of the best technology and quality while realizing your architectural concept.

HSK LEDY is a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting offering high-end luminaires for indoor, outdoor and industrial applications. We develop intelligent control systems. We also provide dual-function luminaires with built-in emergency power module with CNBOP approvals, which guarantee the highest aesthetics.

HSK LEDY's team of experts can make lighting designs for you in accordance with Polish standards. We also provide technical support to contractors and architects at all stages of the work. If you can not find lighting on the market that unusual types of lighting in short series. HSK LEDY photometric laboratory provides customers and designers with up-to-date and reliable photometric data and files.

Nowoczesneoświetlenie budynków mieszkalnych © HSK LEDY

Modern lighting for residential buildings


The company's portfolio includes realizations in all categories of facilities: lighting for offices, public use institutions, stores and shopping malls, residential buildings, hotels and sports facilities. HSK LEDY also provides technical lighting for industry, shipping and logistics, as well as outdoor lighting - street, park, garden, illumination of road architectural elements and buildings.

Antilia linear lighting

Family of linear luminaires (ceiling-mounted, suspended, ceiling-mounted) in aluminum profile with a length of up to 7 m, in any color from the RAL palette. Also available in the form of polygons. They emit high-quality light with parameters selected to meet project requirements (high efficiency, any color temperature, high CRI color rendering index, possibility of wireless control).

LIK track spotlights and spotlights

An indispensable part of the design of stores, shopping malls and showrooms. Danish design and the highest quality. Adjustable illumination angle, lenticular optics allowing you to arrange your exhibition space as you wish, easy installation and modification of lighting designs thanks to Global rail installation. High CRI and choice of spectrum dedicated to various retail industries.

Dual-purpose lighting

New to the LED market. Luminaires with built-in emergency power supply approved by CNBOP. They allow to maintain minimalist aesthetics of ceilings (without additional emergency points) while meeting all standards.

oświetlenie dla medycyny © HSK LEDY

Modern lighting for medicine


Specialized lighting for medicine

LED luminaires with parameters ideal for medicine and cosmetics. They are certified by PZH for rooms with increased hygienic requirements of class S1, S2, S3, S4. (High tightness, CRI>95, tempered anti-bacterial cover).

HSK LEDY lighting. Trust the specialists.

For more information, visit the company's HSK LEDY page on the A&B portal.

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