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Designer plywood wall and ceiling cladding

25 of December '20

Collection of designer plywood wall and ceiling coverings

Bester Studio is a design studio combining decades of experience and know-how of the Bester Plywood Technology Park, with the freshness of concepts of creative young Polish designers. It is a space where we bring to life the boldest dreams resulting from the combination of craftsmanship, high-end technological solutions and passion for creating unique concepts.

Bester Studio's 3D decorative panels are made of molded beech plywood in natural veneer. They introduce the warmth and naturalness of wood into modern spaces. Fancy spatial forms, imagination-stimulating colors of decors and their backgrounds, unlimited possibilities of arrangement and composition are the hallmarks of 3D Bester Studio architectural panels.

 Trigo © BESTER



The FORM collection is the result of synergy - the creations of Polish designers and inspiration from Danish design. Unique concepts. Flowing shapes, spectacularly reflecting light. Slender, perfectly smooth hand-sanded edges. Authenticity and nobility of wood at its best.

Within the FORM collection, the panels offered are:

  • Evan - a majestic, large-format panel that fits perfectly in large areas. A massive rectangle bent into an irregular form, gives the impression of a flowing illusion, catches the eye and intrigues.
  • Hoop - a convex circle enclosed in a square, is a classic with a touch of extravagance pulsating in the Hoop wall panel. Club decor inspired by retro style, perfectly breaks the monotony of modern spaces.
  • Lysse - a delicate, sublime panel resembling the shape of a braided lupine. Uncomplicated installation, allows you to modify the position of individual elements of the panels, so you can create your own compositions. Guiding lighting under the panels, gives the effect of a subtle source of light.
  • Stellar - squares with fine curved edges, delight with simplicity and sophistication. Free assembly of individual elements, allows you to create a variety of compositional variations - regular or arrhythmic.
  • Stilke - bending like algae on the sea bed slender lines of the panel, seduce with delicacy and class. Patterns are created from two spatial shapes of the decor. It is from them that a harmonious and regular composition is created, or meandering and fanciful.
  • Trigo - a perforated pyramidal ceiling panel, consisting of two triangular elements. The panel's pyramidal arches are not only an original finishing detail, but also improve the efficiency of sound wave dispersion.

 Stilke © BESTER



The decors are manufactured from molded beech plywood, in the veneer of your choice, with hand-sanded surfaces and edges, protected with matte varnish, on a laminated or veneered base board, gr. 18 mm. Available in 5 wood species: beech, birch, oak, ash, walnut, and 3 variants of finishing: varnishing, oiling and staining.

Here everything depends on your imagination. Create a space that harmonizes with your interior. Discover plywood in a new way.

For more information, visit the company's Bester Studio page on the A&B portal.

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