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DPS® tensioned walls

30 of November '22

New trends and solutions
- PVC and textile stretch walls

Increasingly, architects and designers are looking for unusual materials and creative solutions for arranging modern interiors. At DPS Group we follow new trends and create solutions for them. In addition to stretch ceilings, we also offer PVC and textile stretch walls, which meet many of the needs of today's space creators.


The popularity of wall coat ings is due to Scandinavian trends and fashion for creating extremely friendly and original interiors. After all, our coatings work well in the living room, children's room, office, but also in public or commercial spaces. They are meant to attract attention, be a stylistic dominant and change the character and shape of the interior.

Panele ekspozycyjne, reklamowe i informacyjne

Display, advertising and information panels

© DPS Group


DPS Trendero and Trendero W2W are elegant textiles for decorating walls and ceilings. By choosing them, you gain not only an attractive appearance of the room, but also improved interior acoustics and no joints up to 250 m². An additional advantage is quick and clean installation.

Podświetlane panele tekstylne z nadrukiem

Illuminated textile panels with printing

© DPS Group


Each of these materials can be printed with any color or graphics. Our solutions allow you to design wall and ceiling coverings, wall and ceiling panels, and allow you to create large-format images, including acoustic and backlit ones. Textile-based panels can also perform advertising or informational functions.

Ściana napinana z nadrukiem

Stretch wall with print

© DPS Group


Combined with soundproofing material, they achieve very good reverberation soundproofing parameters. High acoustic efficiency combined with an attractive appearance makes them widely used in public rooms and office spaces. In addition, textile materials, thanks to their weave structure of different shapes and depths, are characterized by very good sound absorption coefficient values in the medium and high frequency range.

Tekstylna ściana akustyczna

Textile acoustic wall

© DPS Group

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